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Thursday, 10 January 2013


It's true lovieeeees.....*gulping the air as much as nee's can* that in this new and modern and sophisticated time in which is belong to Kali Yuga, to do a good deed that is hallal is considered difficult and frowned upon by the people. For example my wedding's plan *the sky opens up to drop the veneti* when me and hubby to be tried to approach in the religious side, most people close to me able to find the flaws on it. But when we try to bluff into the sinners' ways hmmmm no comment from anyone. Quite interesting how people nowadays face the right and wrong of the deeds....subhanallah.

I might be wrong in this hubbubs buuuuut at least it is my own mistake, to be faced, to be known, to be learned and to be followed in the end as long it is good.

Feeling Like A Piece of Meat

These days i do feel like a pond of meat in the market. Everyone says to have a claim on me thus give them a right how to cook me or just simple dish me out. Not a nice feeling, i can sure you. First because i don't really into meat since it gives me a lot of efforts in chewing it, then secondly because i feel like they know my life better than me, and lastly my own deterioration towards the hubbubs.

Many times in the past whenever i face this deadlock situation *though i am not thinking like that Liebe-ku* i always hope that i am purely a simple minded person with none whatsoever of inner wisdom that talks too much inside my head *just rest assure i am not a schizophrenic insyaAllah* but can a girl just wanna have fun pweeeeese?