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Saturday, 22 December 2012

My Jilbab.....

Well lovies....tonight i just read a blog that has been given by My Heart. And somehow my fingers stop in one of the uploads about jilbab, hejab, or hijab with the title . Somehow it is related to my previous discussion with one of my bff *insyaallah and lets hope she thinks of me as dear as that* sheeesh back to the topic. Directly my mind goes back to about 23 years ago. When the issue of Jilbab started to be one of the issues in my family and society.

In Indonesia, jilbab in early 80's was a reason to be frowned upon. As a student i often saw a discrimination, insult, degradation, and sometimes mockery on the faces of other people in seeing those  great girls who are willing to "fight" for their rights in wearing it subhanallah.

My sister is the 1st woman in my life who wears this Muslimah costume. At that time she was about 17 yo. She studied in a government school that must follow the rules of our government at that time. She could not wear it inside the school vicinity. And the 1st day she started to wear it, she was called by her headmaster to sign some formal forms filled with all of craps that stating that the school does not allow any kind of rebellion's act that the student enact in following her religion's belief. The school will not hold any kind of responsibilities for the female student who wears it bla bla bla. Some of these female warriors were going to the courtroom to get a justice for this silliness but as we could predict. It was a fail case. Those female students must quit from the school or they must let go the Jilbab. Four of them choose to quit from that "wonderful school" and moved to Islamic private schools. Such a sad moment for all the Jilbabers, since based on my sister story, the pressure was so hard. Mockery from peers and teachers were such a constant activity. Common joke from all people toward the Jilbabers was giving in a salam but they used it in their snickering tone. So the people mocked the great words *reminding me bout our discussion just now with Schatz-ku bout how joke's perception of us can hurt other people*of salam and the Jilbabers will still reply in a good intention of giving them doa...subhanallah. was happening in a country that most of the people is Islam. So where is the tolerant and understanding?

Then afterward 3 years after this event, i started to follow her step since i was thinking that the situation was starting to be under control. Unfortunately it was not true. The first day i wore it, the security hold me back in entering the school vicinity. I must wait outside the gate and wait for my headmaster to come. Well they didnt treat me like a criminal but definitely as a pariah lol. I even can picturing myself standing outside my gate and holding the bars with my tinny fingers tightly like a refugee hahaha *infuse the sarcasm please* And since it is Indonesia soooo the headmaster was coming quite late. He reprimanded me because i did not follow the rules by contacting him first when i choose to wear Jilbab. Somehow i was a lil bit aghast in hearing the words full of spittle from the headmaster *no wonder my peers called him as a spittle dragon* i just wished i brought an umbrella when he fired his spittle lol. Honestly it was not a happy and cheerful moment but Lovies you do not need to know bout the pains.

And now....after about 23 years of wearing it....i can see back that this is my path. Coming out my jahiliyah state (* read before wearing jilbab, and following this path. It might not be a path full of roses but definitely enjoyable ride. The humiliations, degradation, mockeries, insults and su'udzon insyaallah are being there for a reason.