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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Chili Oh Chili
It comes in 2 colors red and green, most people believe the red one is hottest one, its a lie, the green can be killing our tongue.

I was shocked to my toes *and such beautiful toes as far as i am concerned lol* sowiii for straying.....the price of chili - a small tinny thing that gives us hot taste in our tongue, that in many cartoon, it will make your ears blowing smokes - is sooooo expensive. The usual prices per kilo was around 10,000 Rupiahs -lesson for today, Rupiah is Indonesia's currency, and yes, i am Indonesian folks! And proud to be one of them.

But now, the price is flying up high into the ceiling. It is going to cost us, the chili's addicters *my own words* to take around 100,000 Rupiahs per kilo. Ouch....ouch thats tooooooo much huh? And no other way around it beibahs.

Due to the addictions of my people are already in the latest stage, there wont be any rehabilitation institutions able to cure them. The symptoms of those addicted people are easily to be spot in many restaurants, foodcourts, and food places in here. Some of the symptomps that i could get from my secret missions are:
1. Glassy eyes whenever they eat without chili.
2. Whining and complaining since the food is not hot burning with chili taste.
3. Lost their appetites.
4. Keep on listening to the radio for checking the news of chili's prices in the market.

After my observations for sometimes, i do realise there is one of the most horrid addicter. She even took a picture of chili, the red and green ones from Mr. Google. Whenever she eats, she will try to peek the pic from her cellphone, and it will be followed with a big and long sighing....hufffh. I do know what does she think, everytime she does the ritual. Do you know why? Because she is huwaaaaaa. i feel like in AA's meeting, standing and saying, "Hi guys, i am nee, i am not realy a chili addict....huwaaaa."