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Friday, 28 January 2011

My Kinda Man
My Green Man
My Menhir Man

When someone ask me bout my Prince Charming's criterias, i will rebuke them by a statement like, "All the good men are taken or gay!" but actualy like any red blooded woman on this earth, i do have my own dream man to be dreamed to have. He should be so tall to tower me, with a nice timbre voice, big burly hands, two pointed ears and green skin......euuuuy thats SHREEEEEEEK! Zap it of....its not right, he must be tall and big so he can protect me from the sun and rain, with two cuttie pie of braids, nice smile and a rough and rumbling voice.....sheeeesh that will be OBELIX. Well seriously beibahs..i am a normal girl, with a dream of my wedding that i want to have someday and a kind of man to take my hands for eternity till death do us part. But like all kind of dreams, it's only happening when i am asleep, in which lately the hibernation that i realy loveee has been voted by many people surround me as the most degrading activity found after giving a candy to kiddy without their parents' consents.

But basicaly, whatever are my criterias, if you are my man, then you are the one. You are Baby....the man that has all those criterias that i long for, besides, Jose Morinho, George Clooney, Sean Connery, Etc hehehehe. Love to love you Baby.

I Miss You

Have you ever felt missing, longing, moaning of a presence and a thing in your life? Something that feels like wrecking your gut out into pieces when whatever you are longing for is not there to be reached about? That next breathe is almost impossible to be done without a help from a breathing's mask? Or you are comparing yourself like a big fatty fish thats me lol, stranded on the ground, without any sight of water surround it.

Those feelings that just simplifying nee as an addicted, a gal in a limbo. A stage that noone, i repeat, no one in their right mind is willing to be put in it. But its happening now.
The gut wrenching experience, that i cant withhold inside myself. That my emotions inside are trying to conquer my human existency. Ya's hard. Even crying for a help wont bring any solution. I am doomed to face it alone...lonely in solitude.

As much as i try to open my soul and deepest side, no one can understand and able to accept it.

Ya Allah....give mercy......i just miss, want, crave to drink tutu huwaaaa huwaaaaaaa.