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Saturday, 30 March 2013

My Lunch

in a clock position from the square close to chilli are; Tahu Isi or Stuffing Tofu,
Pohong Goreng or  Fried Cassava and Jipang a rice crispy

This is my lunch, off course considering if i would like to consume it. As you can see it is the collection of frying food. Gosh no wonder i get this lump in my throat like i am about to get cough. And eating fried food is something that i can say as one of our national problem *palming the face*

The habit has been put inside our brain that food is fried food. And even though my healthy feakish mind tries to avoid it as much as i can considering my sickness, but somehow my taste buds can only be appeased with those kind of food. It is quite ridiculously stupid for a cancer survival to do what i do. But astaghfirullah that is human. We are so lame when we are in a bad condition but ignore the guidance when we are okay.

It kinda reminds me about an ole wisdom words from my country;

Nafsu itu hanya sepanjang lidah manusia
(The need is basically only as long as the human's tongue)

In other words most of us do consider that any kind of needs that is actually so short. And if we compare the whole organs with it, its 1: is so small that it might not be able to be grasped by my strawberries' head. But most of us do depend on those needs above everything. Why? How come? SubhanAllah.....masyAllah....lets find our right path lovies. I might not be right in life but i am trying to be a good person. And those efforts might never be enough for some people but hopefully insyaAllah Rabb can accept it amien amien amien Ya Rabbal Allamien.