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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Venue

                                            Warung Apung Rahmawati - Lontar   

Last Sunday me and my family visited this venue for the day. It is such a lovely place to see and immerse with. Coming inside the vicinity you will feel like being thrown away from the hot and humid area of West Surabaya into a lil heaven on earth forgive for my exaggerating words. But believe me the place does bring some nuances that are completely lovely. But since in every heaven there are some serpents, this place has it also. Though we can forsake it for the effects that it gives to our souls. Lets just hope that Rabb blesses those people who work there and the founders to be amanah and truthfull always in serving their customers...amien.

Today's Event

Last night my live was so perfect. My Love and i were discussing all the things more than the topics in Oprah. Though i agreed upon his words that the day has brought some contentments, ease, and calmness somehow in the back of my mind i felt something gloomy lurked behind the bright sky. Well it is no wonder since i did start last Monday with hefty possibillities that in the end gave me a bad mood. It preceeded with a cranky Monday morning. Gosh how i hate feeling cranky in the morning due to lack of sleep because i read a novel too long lol. Dont blame me folks. I am the writer in here so i am always right hihihi. And the lack of hugging and holding my bolsters and pillows including my zoo, did give my adrenaline kick in the opposite way. Not boosting my spirit but dropped in the spirit. Then it continued with the fact that one of the 2 of my kittens left, was suddenly sick *sniffs* so seeing my sister said again and again bout our negligent in doing amanah because somehow whatever we did, the kittens got sick and died afterward. It was like a Yellow Fever in the old time. And with all those stress piled up, i planned to lecture Cemplon the mommy's of my 4 kittens. I would like to tell her bout the possibility of birth control. So when she is humping around sluttily *gooosh my cat has too advance knowledge than the owners* there wont be any risk of too young pregnancy. Well Cemplon is about 9 months now, and actually she is too young even as a feline's mom *shaking the head ashamedfully* i feel like un-responsible mommy for Cemplon. I let her got away with her free life *sniffs* and now i became a granny of 4 kittens in a young age.

While i was pondering when is the right time to scold Cemplon. Allah Ya Rabb threw different possibilities. He took all my grandies kitten. I got so broken hearted. My sister had another tawakkal's lesson to let go what we love most. And baby, gets stress up to now. She is just too young to feed those 4 lively little rascals. She couldnt contain to be a mother even for a kitten since she is still a baby itself. So in the mere 32 hours we burried another kittens. Cried till our eyes swollen that even a mascara or eyeshadow will make me like one of the victims of abusive relationship *in which i am not, honestly*

And all in all what do we get from these last events? Allah Ya Rabb has a plan for anything. It might not something that i like, but definitely it is within His Rights to decide differently. While we as His objects better not be a spoilt brat or a diva by asking or demanding differently ........subhanAllah.........astaghfirullah....alhamdulillah. All the greatness are belong to Him.