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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Talking, Talking and Once Again Talking

Somehow tonight i did it again to go by cabbie alone at night. After some times avoiding the usage of cabbie at night and alone, tonight expi was like a challenge in itself. A challenge that this lil ole nee usually put on herself just to prove nothing except that being alert and tawakkal are better than avoiding it entirely and hiding under the rocks of fake security. Okay enough with hitting around the bush. It is referring to my last year expi in having a verbal abusement in some cabbies just because i am a woman *not that i plan to do the changing in the next future or ever* but somehow just because you are a woman, alone and in a cabbie then it is a great target to be mocked, bullied or abused by sexual innuendos. Hufft where the hell those drivers were raised to? And most importantly where were my brain and alertness at those times? Definitely they left me dry and die. I was left in panic state that i even forgot i could stop anywhere and changed cabbie. Or i could call my male folks or friends. But as usual when my brain chooses a time to freeze and sparse, it really does perfectly in the most glorious way. So there i was, in a cabbie, with a pervert driver and couldnt think, but those expi were in the past. Better to bury them for nothing can change the past right? But future, now that is a different thus why tonight expi.

Actually I was a lil bit shock in listening the part of the story from the drivers' point of views. This nice ole driver told me many ballad stories from his own understanding as one of the senior drivers in the company. Starting from how low is the commission as a driver, since the company usually puts around 15% of commission from the fee. But in the fact from the beginning of the company in Surabaya, the commission is only 12% up to now and even in some companies it is about 9% of it. Is it true? Wallahu allam bissawab. It is mainly the same when the price of a plate of lunch was about Rp. 1.500,- and now the price is increasing exorbitantly into Rp. 10.000,- per plate. And as romantic as it is, money is always the last lid of the coffin in life.

And based on this driver story, he tried to give a good argumentation why i got my expi in the past. It was and still is due to the lack of attention from many Cabbies' Companies in taking care the welfare of their drivers that in the end one of the impacts was like what i got. Being harassed sexually without any tool to avoid it. Are you confused my lovelies? Yes me too. This is what i grab from the cabbie's driver rambling. In the most desperate condition of their life, a cabbie driver is doing many things just to stay afloat in this hard life; tapping the argo to the extreme so they get good money from the pittance commission, drive carelessly just to be fired and move on with a different job, or being frustrated and channeled it to the customers. My expi was including in the last part. So everything is about the money and all the caching caching in life. But is it true as he said? Just because you lack of money than you molest women in your job? I was about to ask this nice and humble driver, "Is it okay if your wife or daughter is being molested verbally by others? Seeing he tried so hard for me to understand that as a passenger, my welfare is considered below the drivers in the eyes of the companies. Why? He said again that nowadays most of the companies lost their drivers, so pampering and foregoing the mistake of the drivers are one of the way to make them happy and willing to work within the company. And that even all the cabbies' companies in Surabaya will not stomp the drivers' ego because the companies dont want to loose a driver anymore. And although now their welfare is starting to be taking seriously by the company such as giving; 25 kg of rice per month, winning competition every month with a hefty sum as the compensation, higher commission etc but once again based on this very resourceful driver, people already fed up in working as a cabbie's driver.

Amazing how with a flip of His power, i see different side of the story from my expi. It doesnt mean i agree with those frustrated drivers in channeling their problems toward their passangers, but somehow subhanAllah.  

And lets face it story or even the cabbie's driver story were one in a million, so chill out. Just be alert and bismillah hopefully you wont expi like what i did. And hopefully no more sicko drivers who channelling their life's frustation on their passangers....amien