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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Thought To Be Shared

I got a snippet from my dear one bout his upload in one  of his blogs. And this thought is something that maybe many people do not realize it, including me. Or maybe you know it but never thought it. Whatever it is without any ado....if you read my blog it means you will also like this one. A new knowledge is always good read it


You said we have to come to You in our needs
But i am too stubborn to heed it
You said we will be granted everything within our right
But i ignore it too

You said we must believe on Your plans
And i do believe in them
You said the path that You gave might be difficult
And i do believe in them too

But why my mouth, feet, brain and heart are so "arrogant" in following those?
Why cant i be such a whining clingy soul toward You?
Were there some differences among us that You created?
Am i not "those perfect" objects that are including the chosen one?

I want to come to You
I want to bare my shattered soul
But i am ashamed Duh Gusti....i am ashamed
My souls and heart are only full of this world's problems
I am ashamed My Rabb.....astaghfirullah i am ashamed for being shattered because of mundane things