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Friday, 12 April 2013

26 Days To Go

Hi my the next 26 days i will meet my love.....for the very first time. No need to pose the jaw dropping emoticon pweaseeee. It is only a live. A phase or path in my life that i have taken with open eyes though i was not preparing or dreaming of it to be happened to me. If you are my long time lovelies i believe you are quite familiar with my words "Its only a live." But it is true....everything happens in this part time world is only a way to spend the time as a living thing. Though sometimes it is too much and un-bearable but its only a live my lovelies. It will phase.

Do you think i am bluffing? Or that i am pretending to be nonchalant bout it while actually i am seething inside? Well you are partially right. I was so worry dorry morry in the beginning of the days after we got engaged by skype. Yes my lovelies....we were engaged by skype. But the worries were not due to our future, but because so many people that i call friends are not supporting me at all. They are shunning me away. They are  waiting for my downfall with this marriage's plan. But then i felt  that somehow their actions are actually showing the way i treat people surround me. Remember Allah said that whatever happen to us actually are our own doing. Remember what you sow is what you reap. How fitting are those words. I can only blame myself for what i am receiving now. But i wont punish myself now. I am battered already, there will be time enough to reshape and recharge my way of behaving toward others. But not now when i am in a fragile condition.

Alhamdulillah my hubby to be and families that always pray for us keep on giving me now i am at breeze and starting to accept the way my friends are behaving. They might do that out of love and concern but the funny thing is now again Rabb show me how silly is depending our happiness on His subjects for when everything and everyone left you, it will be only you and Him to guide you through. 

So when all bride is preparing their lovey dovey marriage with their friends and families, i prepare all my guests and families in case somehow Rabb decides our plan differently not as we have planned. And my lovelies....there is nothing i repeat nothing can deter your plan for whatever it is unless Allah Ya Rabb decide it. Be well my lovelies....insyaAllah my prayers while i am writing these words are coming through to your life to bring contentment and strength to face everything. It is only a live my lovelies....enjoy it. It will pass.