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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sitting Here

I am in here, in a place where everything started few years ago and hopefuly not ended now.

With all the luxurious things surrounded me, with all the entertainments in my gadgets that i can provide. But do those things help to ease my worries? Nope, it is not realy. Only the understanding bout the meaning of equation and all that start will get ended eventualy, help me to move on.

I come here alone, as i wish, since i started long time ago by coming in here alone also. Beside, facing my own anxieties are worying some without pretending to be strong in front of others. For i am not....i am not. But as a beggar we cant be a chooser right? We took the scripts of our life when we took the challenge from HIM to live on this world. We do all the good and bad things to ourself. We just dont realise it when the omen is going to strike us.

Ya Allah, help me not to be a wealking one. Help me to understand the secret of this beautiful event. I am happy Lord, to know all the things that YOU map out for me....the people, the stories, the events, the hurts, the happiness and everything. Make me to be the great one in facing whatever it is. Help me, to pass this event without changing to be such un-grateful moslem.