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Monday, 29 October 2012

A Letter For My Readers

Dear Readers......Assallamuallaikum,
I am feeling a lil bit overwhelmed lately toward the animosity in all of you reading and dropping by here though i dont know each one of you, i do hope you are good, fine and sound in your part of the world. I do realise that i am quite active in uploading my empty rants these days. And belive me, its not because of important reasons or heroic reasons, it is because i am too nervous in facing my un-known future. Resigning from your great job with a fabulous entailments will do that somehow lol. But like i have said many times here, insyaallah i do it ikhlas and willing to take the consequences for my harsh action. But Allah will not change a destiny of someone when the person doesnt try it first right? So, resigning is the first stepping stone, handling my haywire nerves with writing here is the second, the third is travelling to Solo, the closest city of my 2nd favourite city, Yogya. Then i will insyaallah start to apply and look for a job. So do bear with my rants. It might be getting heavier or crazier depend on my emotion. Pray for me readers, as i pray for all of you to get something from reading these rants of nee. Spread out knowledge lovies.....for it will come to you in abundance.
Khoda Hafiz

ps this song doesnt really related to my rants, i just cite the lyric "You should be stronger than me" to boost up my spirit and fortunately this is my fav song for this week. RIP Ammy....

Try My Cheese Cake?

Have you ever fallin in love? Have you ever broken hearted? Have you ever being stabbed by someone among your trustee one *psst its not a literal meaning of stabbing lah* and if your age is already in two digits i believe you have been experienced it many times. Even when we were still in one digit age, some of us did have the misfortune in bumping up with it. Sometimes the pains and the impacts of those horrid things will follow us till we grow that in the end will only bring bitterness in our life or hatred toward others for no other reasons besides the feelings of unfairness.

I am not a shrink not even a guild member of pop prep that is quite famous lately. Since i am also bringing my own baggages that sometimes they pop up like a persistent spam emails lol. But i always imagine that my heart in this life is like a whole cheese cake. Every betrayal, hurt, broken heart, double cross experience, or other bitterness in live, will be taking a small slice of my cake. Yes my cake will be hollowed but Allah The Merciful creates us with the highest liabilty to be the khalifah-a leader among the living thing. We are created by Him with the concept of alpha male or female. We arent created to be an Omega. He doesnt plan us to be a second class creature so we have the best way to recuperate by closing the hollow in our cake. The way to do that wil be depended on your wisdom....just believe me you arent alone. We all experience it *offering my piece of cake to you*

Writing Feedback;: Coming Soon Miscegenist Sabishii

Somehow in my journey to read a story in the internet i stumbled this writer in one of the reading-site. And i do feel up to know that my stumblin ungracefull path was so lucky. The way she writes is so amazingly touching and sensuous in which in my 38 years now i feel her stories can be my companion stories to sumberland lol. And believe me, i used to feel that any kind of stories from Mills&Boon or Paperback were enough to quench my thirst in romance genre and English enhance vocabularies. But when i found her among other authors in the site that i followed, the dynamic of stories in the site capture me till now.

I can only say that if you are a romance's lovers, needs a dose of real things without loosing the pinky cloudy frilly, then go to her blog. Four thumbs up for this lady *bowing respectfully toward Pep*

Writing Feedback;: Coming Soon Miscegenist Sabishii: Coming soon to and Barnes and Noble What do you do if you’re a black man in all ways except one; on the outside? That is...