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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Such Wonderful Lyric

Thanks to Uut since she is the one who introduces me with this song and love it till now....there is always a gentle man for each of us lovies.....believe me.


I have been realising that women's voice is like a siren sometimes though i do admit there are some voices from my own sex that are quite annoying, but unfortunately the owners of the voice do not realise it lol. Well as long as i am not hearing it too often it is okaaaay dokaaaay hurraaaay. Back to the first line from my writing, i have known it for many years. Well i might be an ignorant if i just say that only some men who think like that. That they are pervert. That they are just trying to find an excuse to blame others while they cant control their carnal thoughts. Until today...when someone said bout it in the most simple and humble way...that i cant ignore it anymore. Ya Allah Ya Rabb do forgive Your humble creation in exhilarating herself in ignorance these years and hiding to her own persistence just to do what she wants to do...astaghfirullah. And do forgive those poor souls men and women who drooled toward this matter, amien.