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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Only Through Him

Lately i saw many dishonesty, disagreements, and many sad things. Those were based upon "knowledges" or Iqro (Qur'an words). Allah is right, only through knowledge we can avoid many mistakes. Unfortunately to get knowledge without a guidance of a good conscious is nothing.

In my age now i do understand the worries of people that in the end will bring them into destruction. Destruction for others and themselves. The worries that bring hatred and pettiness. The anger that brings many fall downs. In the end only destructions and nothingness that "the winner" will get.

But i also know, being a smarty mouth or a smart ass wont bring any improvement on the situation. Even praying in my secluded world has been mocked by someone who does not believe in any of my delusion believe (based on his words). So this is what the meaning of those beautiful words in any Holly Books and spiritual books. The end of time where all people will try to hold to their own wisdom without considering others' rights and needs. All of us will grab any sensibility just to vote for our actions. Forsaking everything just to be "the winner."

Only through Him, whatever do you call HIM, do you reach HIM, see HIM can we find peacefulness. Though its a tough job to do while others are swallowing us.