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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Flick of Wrist

Somehow in my life, past, present and future events or thoughts collide together in a heap. They just swarm outside of my head without any chance for me, the master of the body, soul and mind to shout, "Objection, Sire!" it seems Allah just love to remind me again and again that HE is the sole owner of this lil ole nee. Just with a flick of HIS hand, HE can change everything, subhanallah -Glory Be To Allah. ...Though i know, HE does it with love of A Creator toward HIS creations. But, it still creeps the hell out of me when i cant do the right thing when the moment comes. And tough as a nail i feel bout myself, i do break somehow * believe it, i am a teary pot if you ever seen one, nee is able to cry for any weird occasion, so you just name it*

But the question is still there, if we do believe HE is the one who gives all the things in life for us, due to our own efforts. Why some people are questioning HIS wisdoms? Some even try to run away to destroy themselves, the best creature of HIM?
Why do i have these questions? Because lately i see, watch and hear people with problems in their life. And they end up hurting themselves to find an imagery little piece of heaven on this earth. Dont get me wrong, i am still learning bout life, till i will be put 6' under the ground to be the best dinner for mr. And mrs. Worms, but do we have to hurt ourself just to forget we do have those problems?

When i told you i had my share of problems, its not trying to brag or laundrying my sheets in front of others, or even trying to picturing myself as the best survival of this Earth's problems. But do lemme know who in the right mind of their brain will say they are far away from problems after 36 years of living?

In my simple mind now, everything is happening to a good caused for a good reason. We just need the time to heal us and reveal the answers if we just to numb to act. Let nature does their best in healing all the problems. But if you are a fighter, find the best solution for you based on any belief you have in mind. And since nee is not realy a fighter, i will let nature soothe my pains while i do my best.