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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Finale Curtain

My last day of working in my little heaven on earth is over. The most dreading moment -saying goodbye- was over on 31st of October 4 days ago. Though it was a sad one at least it was not as gruesome like what i had picture in my head, alhamdulillah. To spare my blue and sad feeling I even stay away from my lappy for sometimes to avoid my bottle up emotions to spill out without any guidance. My giant man said that enjoying something in their own pace times are better than doing it in rush. So those were what i was doing, staying in my lair while licking my wounds of my own creations.

These things are something that we as a human doesnt learn again and again. That somehow we dread something that might not be as horrifying as what we thought. I was worry over my own emotions and alhamdulillah its not as saddening as that. I was worry that if i quit from my previous job then i will be crazy like a headless chicken. Well alhamdulillah since i choose the decision because of Him, i feel fine and already get some offers in some short time jobs, subhanallah alhamdulillah.

I hope it will be another learning process for me and hopefully for you to my lovelies. Life is not as unpredictable as what we thought or as horrifying as what plan out as long as you have Him. And believe me you can change the word HIM in here as much as you want to. It can be your God, your belief, your conscious, your money, your lover or whatever and whomever. Just hold Him dear and start to be tuma'ninah* with it. For me because i am a moslem so He represents my Rabb, my Greatest Lover, my Allah the Only Being for me. One thing is for sure, do everything in life with a lot of convictions and even when the finale curtain is dropping down, you are still standing still and tall *starting humming Conte Partiro* 

tuma'ninah - a peacefull and serene act usualy it is used to relate with a prayer act

Panda's Eyes

Hi do you realise that when we cry most of us will look so blotchy, swollen, and dont forget reddish nose and skin. So why in the world most of the romance's authors from the crinoline's* era up to the short pants era still use those lines about how lovely and attractive are the heroines are in her crying stages, snifflings daintily and still can create a havoc in the heroes' hearts? Why do those authors give a false fact toward us? believe me i never see someone cries so perfectly. And especially for me, when i cry to much i lost my abilities in breathing lol. So you can imagine those 1st - 2nd lines there plus the fish's pose of opening and closing the mouth hahaha. Well the crying was happening on my last day of working in my job. And though i already said to my head, yes i do talk with my heaad sometimes though those shrubs are impossible sometimes, shouldnt apply eyeliner on my eyes, but did you think my head heeded that notion? Nooooo, it didnt. So i did my make up as usual and applied the eyeliner. So after the first crying i projected the nice pic of Panda's eyes lol. Here we go folks....the living proof of nee with a pair of panda's eyes.

So gals, please make it sure, wear only eyeliners and mascara when you are not going to cry....its embarassing enough with the blotchy and the puffy eyes without the addition of blackened eyes.