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Friday, 8 November 2013

Who? Me? Naaaah......

Due to my hectic life lately *pose as the busiest lil lady on the Earth* i dont have a time to update with a lot of rants that i would like to share with You my lovelies. Especially actually i do have so much rants to be shared hihihihi *rolling the eyes with rolling drum's sound pwease*

For starter, i just realise, again that Surabaya my beloved city is still thick with racism, a filthy word that i hate with all my might. Come on my Lovelies, this is 2013, a new era has came upon us. Many histories have shown us how are the effects of this stupid act. But somehow the doers *insert jaw dropping emo* are young people who are so snooty bout any kind of hot stuff but somehow their acts are still following those people who did have this racism\s mind in previous era. Okay i know the concept in psychology that is stating that somehow the brain of human can create a defensive shield when they feel cornered, offended or even not knowing something. But why dont we learn something from others rather than starting to be suspicious all the time that influence Your way of seeing others.

It started when i joined this German's course as one of the requirements to apply a wifey visa to go to German. In here i met many young people who are half of my age. At the beginning i thought they didnt want to sit or even talk with me because of my age *i am twice their ages hihihi* but then some of the students are okay in talking and sitting with me. Then in my curiosity way, i approached those no-speaking kids. I tried to open a conversation with them. As You predict, yups they ignored me *jlebmoment* eventhough i called their names before i started the conversation. But somehow they just simply ignored me like i wasnt even there hihihi. In which it is quite impossible seeing how huge my person is.

After those expi i realised that even the seating positions in my class are divided by them based on skin colors then religion. Wow.....kiddooooos You are still young but You have adapted the most horrible character on this Earth, racism. Too bad they do not realise that i am actually also the same ethnic with them, but it does not show. This is a sad story that always makes me cry when people start to think of themselves better or even above the others. Do not they realise that their good fortune; health, wealth and others are blessed not only because of their own efforts? It is also coming from the prayers of other people *in Moslem we do pray for all the mankind on every prayer*  and their own ancestors. And if Allah wants us to be the same to avoid problems or differences, He will definitely create us thus way.....

A good poem that i got from Bie, my brother in law, a nice poem by Derek Walcott:

I'm just a red nigger who love the sea,
I had a sound colonial education,
I have Dutch, nigger, and English in me,
and either I'm nobody, or I'm a nation.