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Friday, 3 May 2013

A Poem of Schuon - 5 Days to Go

Hast thou heard the nightingale's song
At the sunset , with the skies aflame ?
When all is silent and is listening -A song of love from Krishna's flute. 

Deep in the wood , the flute's sound
Seemed to ask :
When will Radha her Krishna see ?
Soon, yea , soon !

A poem from Schuon that has been shared by Raminku.....lovely hmm 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Multiple Choices

Hiiii my lovelies....*jumping up and down due to too much energies from my 3rd glass of tutu*...have you ever thought how live keeps on giving us choices but somehow each of us always chooses and falls in the same part? How come? Why? Havent we learned a lot of wisdom words in that sense of thing? Havent we heard bout the history or experience from people surround us or even the one before us? So how come? Why? 

I am not sure why and how my lovelies, but you can be sure if there is a way to fly to Rabb and ask Him about it, that will be 1 of the questions that i would like to ask Him. Why my brain and heart are so persistent in choosing the same answer again and again. Since last time i checked, i am still and will be always a human and not a mule. Hmmm i even do not think that our mules nowadays are that bull headed or mule headed lol. So why then? Why as the greatest creation of Him we are so persistently stupid effortlessly? 

And those multiple choices are being created by Rabb Wa Ta'Alla actually are not the accessories of life. Those are choices to be taken my lovelies.....unfortunately often times it is ignored by us. And alhamdulillah He never deserted us for any reason even when we have left Him many times, deserted Him oftenly. For that    is His love toward us. The most persistent creature in fending Him off with all the 'garish decorations' in this world....astaghfirullah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah. Lets find Him my lovelies for He is closer than our vein in our neck.