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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Talking With Sasie

Talking with Sasie while my Baby wasnt there is like a crazy moment happens again. I have known her since 2000. When she was a young dedicated girl with her family to support with that made her took 2 different kind of jobs. From morning up to 4.30 pm she worked her butt out in a company as a secretary. And at 5-8 pm she taught in my office as an English Tutor. And sharp after our office hours were done, we couldnt see a prim proper lady but she would be replaced by a goddess of night that would shake the dance floor till she couldnt stand lol.

As a person who loves to move with the music, i always admire her in juggling her activities but still able to enslave her body till midnight with the music in clubbing houses in Surabaya. No i wont judge or condemn clubbing masyaAllah nooo, its not and never my or our right to condemn others. For there are different kind of stages in life where nur or Allah's spot comes strongly toward you. And those thingies in your past, present and future will be your own responsible. Besides if i dont 'hold' my hijab tightly, who knows what will happen to me since loud and live music does entice and exhilarate me in a sense that i cant explain.

Sasi is a long lasting friend. My best friend who knows how crazy i am and also respect my needs to close to Him....without any snickering comments bout my crazy traits in which might be unwanted by those stuffy religious people.

Maybe thus why we stick together till now. Because knowing our differences in seeing Him. Our paths in looking for Him. Both of us are still travellers in life. We just support each other to find our own Moksa. SubhanAllah....insyaAllah till we are old ya Sie. Insyaallah.


Differences is a simple word that consists of 11 letters, 7 consonants and 4 vowels. Very simple. Very pack. But somehow the meaning is about differences. Differences in any kind and aspect in everything. Like people in Middle Java will say "Saras or sehat for healthy" people in East Java will say "waras for healthy" buuuut if you use the term in Middle Java "waras" they will think you are stating a fact to explain the health condition from a mental illness. Shocking how the same word can be giving us different meanings...subhanallah. Hillarious if you are not the one who stated it, but since i ever did it, believe me it is quite embarassing lol.

And this morning i faced another jlebzh *the sound of knife stabbs the flesh* moment. I am soooo ashamed in knowing my differences with someone that i hold dear, caused us into a corner where we have to back off and take a deep breath while saying astaghfirullah.....astaghfirullah. Life does give us many facets that we have to stay afloat not due to the survival only but how to immerse from every difference as a winner without compramising our deen, insyaAllah.