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Monday, 11 March 2013

Working With Your Heart

I always feel that Allah  Ya Rabb is working in the utmost wonderful way. And today it has been proven again and again. It is started with my conversation few days ago with my sister. We were talking bout how some people do not feel the beauty of their life and only complain about everything. At that time we were just stated that mayhap it is due to the different standard for each of us in seeing our own life, achievements and failures. I mean lets face it we do have our own ways in viewing those things. And those ways will lead us into how we judge our self. And this morning i was seeing a different example of that case. How you see yourself is going to be your downfall or your up-fall.

This morning i met someone that in my eyes are so perfect. She is beautiful to the tip of her toes, charming, soft-spoken lady from the uptight upbringing with all the branded things on herself and her bag. But she complained about everything. Starting from her zero size, her kiddies, her driver, her boring life and everything. And i was like in a gaga pose. Since it is like the scenes were being played by Rabb to give me another example bout life. When we think bout those menial things more than the portion, those will lead you astray till kingdom's come. But when you can find the essential things in life to guide you to Him, everything will follow behind. But like i ever wrote before my lovelies, whatever or whoever He is in your eyes and life, just make it sure it is only One and The Only One. So you wont stray away.....

Thus why working with our heart in retrospection or contemplation are highly recommended by nee. Trust your heart my lovelies....insyaAllah it will lead you to the right path.