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Sunday, 25 November 2012



I just want to......meh
But i think i...bleh
So you think i.....peh
why, its not possible i.....neeeh

How many times do we say I rather than you?
And somehow meeeeh, bleeeh, neeeh and peeeeh is the best reply to my I-s


In most of my life i rarely let loose my mouth and emotion to run amok when there is a confrontation. Though i believe in life we have 2 options in dealing a problem -confrontation to clear up the air and let it go mentally and spiritually- usually i choose the last part and stay the heck away from the person for worying to create another havoc if i cant redeem my emotion. But somehow people love to choose the 1st one. I dont mind if they are the one who is doing it, but God's forbid if i do that because even in my ears it sounds so lame. The words are sounding like an excuse over an excuse. Thats why i prefer to be silent. Because somehow my explanation is bording to empty excuse that i dislike myself in hearing it. Better to straigth up yourself for the impact of your/not action and hope Allah will bless for the best.

Another reason why my explanation is not important is because i will be too emotional and loosing the grip that in the end will hurt others. Believe me thats not a good option. Or its not even an option insyaallah if i can help it.

I am sowiii