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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Living in Essen North Rhine-Westphalia

It has been some times since i wrote to my blog, i am sowiii my lovelies, live does catch up with me in a big wave. Starting with my preparation in moving from Indonesia to Germany, taking care my beloved aunty in the hospital for her last stage of cancer -rest her soul- mapping up my heart and soul for all the changings that would be happened in my life and facing the goodbye, gosh i hate goodbyes. So with all those thingies happened in my small live, i was so preoccuppied with myself that writing here is a moot idea that was never there in my schedule. But now alhamdulillah i am baaaack. Here i am.

I have been living in this new country since 2nd of August 2014, somehow it feels long already since i said my teary eyes goodbyes toward my family, but it is also very short time for what i have achieved so far in my personal live. I am still Nee that cant speak fluent Deutch Sprache, still not brave enough to go out there alone since my language is still below zero. And somehow the universe is opposing me in achieving this goal due to the fullness of every integration course at this moment except for January 2015, pheeew...thats still 2 months again right? Yups it is. So i am back to my ole hobby, cooking. I immerse myself with all the cooking activities. And soing that remind me a lot that i need to know the cure for any women's places. Thats right, shopping places where i can get all my needs.

In here i put some of my journey in shopping in Essen, believe me, You need this info when You are in this area. First store is a coffee store.

Here is the best coffee store in this area, according to us, the seller is also the owner. He and his wife are dealing the business in very friendly way. Rubens - Kaffeerösterei is at Emmastr. 7 and opens from Tuesday through Saturday at 10.00 - 18.00 pm. And they always close at 14.00-15.00 pm for a lunch break. For Thursday and Saturday, they are open from 10.00 am up to 14.00 pm. 

It is amazing how they how they know so much about coffee from Indonesia more than i do lol...offcourse since i only drink a 3in1 kind of coffee that my husband often jokes as a degradation toward coffee. But yes i do know the quality of a good coffee or not eventhough i dont drink them black. In this store they offer so many varients of coffee, Jamaica, Africa, Indonesia, and others.
Even the interior of the store is so cozy and makes You feel at ease in buying Your thingies. Ask him anything about coffee and he will explain to You in details, just be sure Your Deutch is good enough in understanding it. But English is known also by him, at least for a simple buying and selling process, since i was using it with him.