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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


When i was a kid, there was a famous comic's strips, NINA, for girls that i looooove to read. It's an adventure series story bout a young girl. In one of the series, they draw such a beautiful cat with a lovely name, Bistet. It's explained that the name is taken from a goddess name. Her name is so unforgetable. And her appearance is so regal. And i do kinda freakie freak bout all cute and cuddlesome things, animals, stuff dolls, men...euuuuuy lol. No, seriously, i fall in love easily to any animal with big brown eyes with some characters in it, nice and flufy furs, wet and cute as a button nose or snout......OMG i will be so putty on their hands.

Till today, the name of Bistet has been haunted me for hmmmm, around 26 years, and no cat or any animal can get the name of it.

The name is too regal for just a mere cat that i ever had or even will have someday.

Somehow in my spare time, i am picturing my own Bistet with the one that i saw in the comic's strip. And it never comes enough pheew. So its true, a name is representing yourself.

Oh Bistet....i do hope someday i can find a cat of my own that will be suitable for the name. Though i do have a doubt since i have a strong opinion that a pet will immitate the owner from the appearances, characters, and even their facials. So, it will be imposible for nee to have a regal and calm cat as the name of Bistet rings those traits clear and loud hiks hiks....mine will be so cute, chubby and silly huwaaaa huwaaaa.

Huffh but at least i still can dream to have my own Bistet, a soft and noble cat pusssss....meong.....purrrrrrr.