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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rainbow Cake

Have you tried Rainbow Cake? Yes, i have and its not as what i hope for though its a beautiful cake in  the shape and colors that it represents a rainbow. Few months back when it was such a huge happening everywhere in Indonesia, i was a lil bit taken aback with the animosity for this particular cake. Yes i did have a curiousity in tasting this morsel that was considered as the most wanted cake at that time. And the animosity was increasing for me due to the price. For a slice of this colorfull cake was about 15,000 - 25,000 rupiahs. And that is considered expensive mind you, at least for me lol. Since i dont have sweet teeth and will feel reluctant in spending those amount of money just to try sweet thing. But offer me a tasty dish or food then i will run as fast as a bullet in front of you. Do you think i am stingy much huh? Naaa just being a realistic one. Those considerations irked my interest, and like normaly happen in human's life, curiousity will bring creatifity *cackling evily* so i cajoled, begged, cried *i will do my charms in getting what i want sometimes lol* to make my sister and cousin who are considered as the cheff in our family. And of them did make it for me as a surprise act. And since i am not that fond of surprise, the taste did surprise me. I mean come on, with that amount of compliments, moans, whines and ads bout it, i was thinking it was as good as the wordings. But noooooo, the surprise was on me *insert the song by Bee Gees - The Joke Was on Me* i dont like it bleeh. I hurted my cousin in my lacking of comments, my lack of appreciations and definitely my lack of appetite in finishing that beautiful cake that she has made with her love  especially for me. I felt sad, forlorn and could only blame myself. (A slice of Rainbow cake)

That example above is a normal thing in our life right? We plan, map out and create what we want in our life forsaking what He wants. Then because we know Allah ya Rabb is the only thing we can ask to fulfill our hopes, we beg, cajol, whine, insist, threat and cry persistently in our prayers. It is right, do ask to Him whenever you need something. but dont you realise that what you are begging for might not be given due to his knowledges that in the end we wont like or need it anymore? Just like a lil kid we ask something only for the good things and differ for the negative sides. Now do you still want to be like a brat? Fabiayyi 'ala irobbikuma tukadziban...Fabiayyi 'ala  irobbikuma tukadziban...Fabiayyi 'ala irobbikuma tukadziban...

Such a lovely creature huh? Subhanallah
This kitty definitely thinks many things....

Since i was young my fascination toward this carnivorous mammal has been peaked. It might be related to my first appearance in this world was as Bastet the goddes of cats *serious tone here* honestly i was a lil bit in the hard time when i was contemplating whether i was The Eye of Ra or The gorgeous Cleopatra lol. But since my love toward cats are stronger than my love in beauty, there was no contest there.
Can you avoid her cute face hmm?

Until today i even cant explain why these deep love i always have for any cat. They can scratch, bite or do any nasty thing and i will still love and adore them. They are like a constant cheerfullness in my life. And somehow Allah Ya Rabb allow this feeling to grow abundantly since everytime i have a problem, feeling sad or just purely feeling down, He lets a cat or some cats to appear in front of me in their glorious cuteness subhanallah alhamdulillah.

So if others need to find their equilibrium from many sources which are costly or difficult one, i am so gratefull and bless to have this simple antidot for any ailments that i have. Seeing their cute acts, their faces subhanallah now i am smiling widely.