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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Things For My Babies

Babies, life is never easy for everyone, but a girl will always faces some difficult moments.
The moments will come to your life whether you like it or not, whether you are ready or not.

I faced my battles and fights without any guidance.
I cried my crying wars without any exemplary roles.

But, you are not alone lovies, for i am here for all of you.
My battered soul is here for you to use.

When the pains of maturity are striking you, put your head high, for i will hold your back.
When the pains of pettiness from others are too much, use my strength to build up your defense.
When the broken hearts are tearing you up, do not cry lovies, they are just simply not the right one, for i am sure your right one is there in the corner when you are ready.

I may never reach a motherhood due to my lack of ability, but do use me as your shield like a mother should be. use me like a diary, as you feel it worth. I am here lovies, if you need me, never feel alone and lonely.
For Allah ya Rabb creates this beautiful earth-ardhun as your playground, with all your beauties as the interiors.

So never let anything make you down lovelies, never.....

Note – I uploaded this mumble jumble 7 months ago in wattpad, I upload it here now due to a bully story that I just read….hope no girl out there must face some bullies by herself.