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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

No Title

In my 38 years of living, i have met many men, scammers, and even the sexes in between, no pun intended for the transvestive guys, i support all of you there *kissing each of you guys without leaving the sloppy mess yikeeees* but somehow till now i do not know what is a man? What made them to be so confusing? Why to talk with a man can make my short circuit goes haywire? Why a simple discussion can cause a fight? And why does i still insist to love one of them, while the offers to cross the line are abundant lol? No no no lovies, i am going to stick with those mumble jumble men. Sowi for rejecting all of your nice offers lovies *running away as fast as a bullet* like i said, i support LGBT or Yaoi or transvestive, so my writing in here doesnt mean to offend any of you *piece* back to my first explanation, i do need the fastest way to know man! My age is not getting younger and i just do not want to die without knowing who are they actually. I do wish i was born with the book how to know and flirt with a man that you like. But alas i was not. So in case you know it, do lemme know the site or the address of the publisher so i can ask, beg, buy, hassle or kidnapp this holy precious book *insert the sarcasm here*

Jealousy is Lousy?

Last night i was discussing bout jealousy with someone. Somehow the discussion was lead into the point of no return *rolling the neck and we stood on each corner with a strap gun on each of our corners just waiting for the dusk. While the caretakers were waiting to meazure us to whip up a coffin* hmmm great imagination huh. This friend of mine said that jealousy is only driving you into a destruction. Jealousy will never bring you any positive things.

Somehow i differ with the ideas. Jealousy, in the right dose, is good for any relationships. It will give a spark in it. It will spice up your life. Hullo jealousy that i discuss in here is a feeling that we can find easily among the lovers. Not a petty feelings that we have due to negative vibes. It is not an envy. Though if we read the dictionary, jealousy is more to distrust, resenment or even a green-eyed monster behind our back. It doesnt help my case in saying it positive rotflol. But whatever, in Islam, even Allah Ya Rabb allow us or even encourage jealousy among the spouses to show their love(*lemme find the proof, dont swallow the idea from a strawberries' brain without a proof).

But somehow in the real live jealousy, pettiness, enviness, ill-will bitterness are being applied luxuriously in every aspects of live. Not everyone is happy when other is having a good thing or fortune on something. Like feeling happy and gratefull for other's luckiness is so allien and absurd. Dont they realise that Allah creates everything in the right and the best scale? That when you are happy actually one poor soul in this world is feeling it different? So why can we just say alhamdulillah and astaghfirullah for any goodness to send the prayer for our opposite there? Or when we are in the dire condition, simply put, just say astaghfirullah and alhamdulillah to feel gratefull that someone is having a good part while we get the opposite. Rather than showing pettiness that is showing how your understanding bout life is.

Be happy lovies....for whatever happens, for there is always someone prays for your happiness.