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Friday, 25 March 2011

The Path to Allah is Full of Love

Lately i avoid to write here or there due to many comments from my family mostly my Imam. They do not feel happy with the way i expose my inner self hiks...though i said these are private and everything, but i have to admit there are good points for their dissagreements. So i will heed those things in mind if i want to write here or there.

But those are not the reason why i brave myself to write here now. I just found out that someone that i realy love, like and respect dislike my religion immensely. I mean, not even one time since i met this friend, i ever said a bad thing bout our differences in thinkings, beliefs, way of live etc. But ya Allah, why some people -if they admit to be so tolerant- cant they just let us, the moslem go? Not all moslems are bad just like not all the people in the world are black, tall, fat, stupid, kind or anything. We are different for a reason. Each of us has our own differences in all aspects, as long as we dont hurt each other then let us passing by like many ships on the sea. Eventhough some media write bad things bout moslems, it doesnt mean those are the honest things.

I am not going to be a drama queen, if this is the way they see us as a moslem, then thank you. Allah just opened my eyes again to let me know, some people's real characters. Maybe i am as what they condemn me. As a moslem, i am a delusional girl. Well at least it is an improvement from the previous year, someone called me as an opresive maiden that tries to break all her religion' rules and culture just to get laid lol.

And i just wish they can get what they are hoping for by blackening my prophet, my religion and also my Allah.

Do hate us and mock us if that will make you happy, this is another facet of live that i must take. A great pre-gift for my birthday tomorrow. Thank you guys, for the almost confused me with your real thinkings, while all along these are you. The real you. Thank you and thank you.