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Friday, 1 June 2012

Wonderful Gifts

Today i met such a handsome guy. So handsome that i almost couldnt allow myself to blink my eyes. Mind you not that i am never a connosour of a beauty in men though there is always a time in my life that i just meet an awestruck man that makes me forget even my name.

Whenever i meet a dayum man like that i always remember the thing in Holly Qur'an stated that we are not supposed to look at the opposite sex due to the feelings that our eyes can create. The needs, the leers, the drools and dont forget the wish to posses lol. And how true is this suggestion for me. By seeing that handsome face and lovely physic, i almost could not stop in thinking those forbidden things lol. Like sitting on his lap so i can see his pores clearly, wipe his sweats if he feels hot, or even just admire his beautiful self nonstop. See, even after a few hours after seeing him i am still ranting out like a loco girl rotflol. This is nut.

I do realise those Holly Books basicaly were given to us for some reasons. They are not a bunch of bullsh*ts. It is just our jobs to accomodate, translate and adapt our modern life with those great wisdom words. For other people, feeling like what i said before might be a normal condition, while my needs to pay my penant afterward is quite ridiculous. Those regrets for following the baser instintcs are unbearable for nee. But it is okay, Allah did create everything in different way right? Another proof of His love to human kind since He knows how easily bored we are so He lets us "play around with our deens and lifes".

So, seeing my understanding bout this life at this moment, i can only say alhamdulillah or thanks to Allah i got a chance to see one of His beautiful creatures in my life. Another chance to feel grateful with the age that i have so i can still admire such creature, with the eyes that i own so i can enjoy the beauty of the man, and with the chance that i owned.