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Friday, 22 March 2013

Creating My Own Fairytale

Hi all girls i used to hold my candle for romanticism when i was young. It is something that i cant put entirely the blame upon the Hollywood's influence nor Walt Disney's ideas in Cinderf***ingrella. Nope it is not their mistakes. It was purely my mistake in not accepting the idea that fiction and non fiction will never collide into the real time. That is too much lovelies. Life doesnt play in that way. In my 38 years life in which it will be 39 in the next 5 days, Allah Ya Rabb will grant anything that He deems right upon us without any qualm. But the key word is on His Way, not our own ways. So the happiness that we think it is meant to be happened for us, actually it is built on the sand. It is only an illusion that we keep on holding because we do not know the other fact except the one that we believe it is right. Pathetic right? Yes it is. But is that mean we can not have our dream like in the fairytales? Naaaa, dream it on my lovelies, just remember that a dream will be ended once the person is awake. It is only a live, it is not about life and death huneys.

And back to my topic, i had given up my dream to have a husband and family. Not due to my lack of wish but more to my understanding that somehow Allah Ya Rabb knows best what is best for me. So i redeemped my wish and continue with my single status. And when Raminku came in my life it was like ano shocks for nee. A nice and  lovely shock that i never dare to hope ever happened for me....but it is happening. I was and is still feel overwhelmed but we cant ask the gift from a horse's mouth right? So now me and The Keeper of My heart are trying to create our own fairytale as what we think is kaffah in Islamic's ways. We are still far from H.E.A aka Happily Ever After...since i believe it will come when we have passed Mashyar's Desert....after we die. So bismillahirohmanirrohim....insyaAllah Allah Ya Rabb guide, bless and protect us in our marriage and always protect our family on His Path amien. I am creating our own fairytale my go and build your fairytale in the most kaffah ways....and i pray Allah Ya Rabb will lead you the way also, amien.