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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Green Is Nee

Hi i am nee....i am addicted with green colors



Here is the cat that has been capturing my heart on his lovely paws for some months. Yes Lovies....You are right. He is a cat, but do not get it wrong. Merkunyik is a tough cat. This stray cat came in front of my boarding room's door one day. He came with all his scratches, wounds and bruises that were taken from his personal wars. Yes, living in the street is a tough world, but he makes it folks. He is a survival. He came in his limped state, thin and coarse furs. And suddenly i fall in love with him. He brightens up my days.....i think now i do experience by myself that having a pet especially for a single person or sick people will lengthened their ages and reduce their stress. It is true alhamdulillah....*saying like a great testimonial person in ad*

Unfortunately, my love to him is not followed by his feelings. Yes he is coming to my sister and me for meals, but never for cuddles huwaaaaaa *picturing lil ole nee cries please* he doesnt want to be cuddle. He likes our touches but not so much. Maybe it is related to his manly vigor or whatever *rolling the eyes* Then 2 days ago we were soooo surprised, he came to our door, did not want to go out and slept for 15 whole minutes on our place *dancing for a victory* so these are his poses. So humiliating for his manly vigor, but at least i can feel relax since he cant open this blog. For i have not invited him yet lol.....