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Thursday, 13 December 2012

I Want To Hold Your Hands

The title gives the right shouting already......will You?

Socks....It Is A Magick Thing

Socks....Its A Magick Thing

I am kind of person who loves cute things one way or the others. My interest in collecting something in which also the first stone of shopaholic though in a small dose that in the end might end up in compulsive buying or even hoarding was mapped out in the early age of 10 years old. Gosh how i hated my incompetence in seing cutey things before that day but i wish now i am still as naive as before that day.

Just like a slow motion m-vie though definitely not the kind of Fast and Furious kind of movies, one of my buddies approached me and showed me a piece of fragrance paper with cutey pic in the corner. I wish to have the knowledge now how horrible is her act now. *gasping like a fish on the pavement* She that i even already forget her name said that i must buy the piece of cutey from her. And if i wanted to have more than i must buy more so i can exchange with the others collectors *note the sarcasm please* so that was the day when a label as a consumptive buyer has been stamped on my head. I feel like a befallen angel now *grumbling slowly* i do wish to erase that horrifying day in my life's plat but it is impossible. Just like a befallen angel....i stuck stumble and fall in the fake glory of consumptive needs from 1 reason to the others. Like a cancer the spreading is very fast, i was never enough., from collecting silly smell paper into pencil, from books up to the latest one is.....*play the drum in here please* a pair of sock. Now tell me how low can i stumble? I think that is pretty you know why most of the tenants of the hell will be women, no pun intended for all the women since i am also one of you...we spent money for nothing while many people need it for essential things in their life subhanalllah.....pray for all of women and all people folks...