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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

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Understanding is such a "funny" word in my opinion. Since in my simple mind it is derived from the words UNDER and STAND. So if someone roughly translates those 2 words combine into one it will definitely give different meaning from the one that we normally know. It will be known as a pose where the speaker is standing under something or if we dig deeper it will be another meaning of submission over something hmmm. And in the end this word is just showing the leniency or giving up over something. Very different apart huh? But that is how my brain is working. And subhanallah though the literal and nee's meanings are sound so simple but in the application is so difficult. So difficult....


  1. ... hmm, worth a thought in any case , wassalam alaikum , mrs nee :)
    It reminds me of the way the rastafarians often play w this word ( Example from a song named
    " Red eyes " , whose singer's name I don't remember now but it is typical ) : " I used to under-stand - but now I over-stand " ...
    To stand over something really means here to get the right comprehension and overview of smth while standing under smth means being oppressed and terroroized by lies presented as facts -
    " I used to understand
    But now I overstand
    African herbsman ... but wait but wait ...
    Red eyes ... I got red eyes " ...
    Lol - don't step on the grass smoke it haha

  2. ha...ha...ha yes it seems great minds do stick together huh? Well i feel beat by that Rastafarian man, i thought my monkeys and i are 'loco' enough to think like these while that man has done it ages ago *bowing gracefully to the loco master* lol.
    Btw....there is ano thought from Your comment. The usage of Mr/Mrs. For women the usage is showing that they are indeed married but for men, its nooooot grrrr. I wish to rectify that way please B-)

    1. ... hm, yes these Rastafarians, despite of what they also often display, sometimes speak out some really good words and ideas . And, they are strictly monotheist - a little weird monotheists but nonetheless monotheists -
      an example ? " So much doctrine so much opinion ... but it is One Jah One Glory - the Highest region "
      ( Jah is their name for God , and these words are from the song " The middle east " by the band
      " Israel Vibrations " )
      Bout the mr and mrs - yess, I know. But here in Germany feminists have succeeded in abandoning the respective word
      " Fräulein " for " miss " - just because they were also grrring at this flagrant injustice done to non-married women by the language lol. So, here every women is called " Frau " nowadays ( mrs then in English ) - and I must admit that of all the innovations brought about by the feminist movement , of which many are nothing but flagrant nonsense to be sure ,
      this special one I can not only accept but I think it is quite alright so. Soooo, I took this usage of terms over into English, but, if You prefer I correct myself and You are miss nee hehe -

  3. hmmmm those feminist's comment there. People is living on their own believe right Raminku. So i can only hope their believe is appeasing their needs. But bout the addressing way, i am quite okay though smtm i feel that when i am married Schatz-ku should also showing that he is married *possesive much* lol. So Raminkuuuuu, Your missus is okaaaay to be called that way....wassallam


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