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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One Day

One day, i will have a strength to face these demons in mine.
One day, i will move forward from my pains, one step at a time.
One day, i will get my muse to build my Taj presentation of love to people in my life.......
But, just not today, just not today....
I promise you, even if i'll die in trying to make those happens i will. Just bear with me.


  1. If not today, when love? Tomorrow? I have searched the calendar, and nowhere can I find printed on it "TOMORROW". Tomorrow is never here, now. Tomorrow is always tomorrow, perhaps one of the most convenient words in our vocabulary. We can always put it off until tomorrow.......
    Did I mention the word, "Tomorrow"?

  2. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby..........just bear with my lazziness will you *pouting and huffing* just a lil time more. And i will be do those things.

  3. Goodbye Frankie Cie.....may Allah Ya Rabb keep You save and sound there amien


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