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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Talking, Talking and Once Again Talking

Somehow tonight i did it again to go by cabbie alone at night. After some times avoiding the usage of cabbie at night and alone, tonight expi was like a challenge in itself. A challenge that this lil ole nee usually put on herself just to prove nothing except that being alert and tawakkal are better than avoiding it entirely and hiding under the rocks of fake security. Okay enough with hitting around the bush. It is referring to my last year expi in having a verbal abusement in some cabbies just because i am a woman *not that i plan to do the changing in the next future or ever* but somehow just because you are a woman, alone and in a cabbie then it is a great target to be mocked, bullied or abused by sexual innuendos. Hufft where the hell those drivers were raised to? And most importantly where were my brain and alertness at those times? Definitely they left me dry and die. I was left in panic state that i even forgot i could stop anywhere and changed cabbie. Or i could call my male folks or friends. But as usual when my brain chooses a time to freeze and sparse, it really does perfectly in the most glorious way. So there i was, in a cabbie, with a pervert driver and couldnt think, but those expi were in the past. Better to bury them for nothing can change the past right? But future, now that is a different thus why tonight expi.

Actually I was a lil bit shock in listening the part of the story from the drivers' point of views. This nice ole driver told me many ballad stories from his own understanding as one of the senior drivers in the company. Starting from how low is the commission as a driver, since the company usually puts around 15% of commission from the fee. But in the fact from the beginning of the company in Surabaya, the commission is only 12% up to now and even in some companies it is about 9% of it. Is it true? Wallahu allam bissawab. It is mainly the same when the price of a plate of lunch was about Rp. 1.500,- and now the price is increasing exorbitantly into Rp. 10.000,- per plate. And as romantic as it is, money is always the last lid of the coffin in life.

And based on this driver story, he tried to give a good argumentation why i got my expi in the past. It was and still is due to the lack of attention from many Cabbies' Companies in taking care the welfare of their drivers that in the end one of the impacts was like what i got. Being harassed sexually without any tool to avoid it. Are you confused my lovelies? Yes me too. This is what i grab from the cabbie's driver rambling. In the most desperate condition of their life, a cabbie driver is doing many things just to stay afloat in this hard life; tapping the argo to the extreme so they get good money from the pittance commission, drive carelessly just to be fired and move on with a different job, or being frustrated and channeled it to the customers. My expi was including in the last part. So everything is about the money and all the caching caching in life. But is it true as he said? Just because you lack of money than you molest women in your job? I was about to ask this nice and humble driver, "Is it okay if your wife or daughter is being molested verbally by others? Seeing he tried so hard for me to understand that as a passenger, my welfare is considered below the drivers in the eyes of the companies. Why? He said again that nowadays most of the companies lost their drivers, so pampering and foregoing the mistake of the drivers are one of the way to make them happy and willing to work within the company. And that even all the cabbies' companies in Surabaya will not stomp the drivers' ego because the companies dont want to loose a driver anymore. And although now their welfare is starting to be taking seriously by the company such as giving; 25 kg of rice per month, winning competition every month with a hefty sum as the compensation, higher commission etc but once again based on this very resourceful driver, people already fed up in working as a cabbie's driver.

Amazing how with a flip of His power, i see different side of the story from my expi. It doesnt mean i agree with those frustrated drivers in channeling their problems toward their passangers, but somehow subhanAllah.  

And lets face it story or even the cabbie's driver story were one in a million, so chill out. Just be alert and bismillah hopefully you wont expi like what i did. And hopefully no more sicko drivers who channelling their life's frustation on their passangers....amien

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Venue

                                            Warung Apung Rahmawati - Lontar   

Last Sunday me and my family visited this venue for the day. It is such a lovely place to see and immerse with. Coming inside the vicinity you will feel like being thrown away from the hot and humid area of West Surabaya into a lil heaven on earth forgive for my exaggerating words. But believe me the place does bring some nuances that are completely lovely. But since in every heaven there are some serpents, this place has it also. Though we can forsake it for the effects that it gives to our souls. Lets just hope that Rabb blesses those people who work there and the founders to be amanah and truthfull always in serving their customers...amien.

Today's Event

Last night my live was so perfect. My Love and i were discussing all the things more than the topics in Oprah. Though i agreed upon his words that the day has brought some contentments, ease, and calmness somehow in the back of my mind i felt something gloomy lurked behind the bright sky. Well it is no wonder since i did start last Monday with hefty possibillities that in the end gave me a bad mood. It preceeded with a cranky Monday morning. Gosh how i hate feeling cranky in the morning due to lack of sleep because i read a novel too long lol. Dont blame me folks. I am the writer in here so i am always right hihihi. And the lack of hugging and holding my bolsters and pillows including my zoo, did give my adrenaline kick in the opposite way. Not boosting my spirit but dropped in the spirit. Then it continued with the fact that one of the 2 of my kittens left, was suddenly sick *sniffs* so seeing my sister said again and again bout our negligent in doing amanah because somehow whatever we did, the kittens got sick and died afterward. It was like a Yellow Fever in the old time. And with all those stress piled up, i planned to lecture Cemplon the mommy's of my 4 kittens. I would like to tell her bout the possibility of birth control. So when she is humping around sluttily *gooosh my cat has too advance knowledge than the owners* there wont be any risk of too young pregnancy. Well Cemplon is about 9 months now, and actually she is too young even as a feline's mom *shaking the head ashamedfully* i feel like un-responsible mommy for Cemplon. I let her got away with her free life *sniffs* and now i became a granny of 4 kittens in a young age.

While i was pondering when is the right time to scold Cemplon. Allah Ya Rabb threw different possibilities. He took all my grandies kitten. I got so broken hearted. My sister had another tawakkal's lesson to let go what we love most. And baby, gets stress up to now. She is just too young to feed those 4 lively little rascals. She couldnt contain to be a mother even for a kitten since she is still a baby itself. So in the mere 32 hours we burried another kittens. Cried till our eyes swollen that even a mascara or eyeshadow will make me like one of the victims of abusive relationship *in which i am not, honestly*

And all in all what do we get from these last events? Allah Ya Rabb has a plan for anything. It might not something that i like, but definitely it is within His Rights to decide differently. While we as His objects better not be a spoilt brat or a diva by asking or demanding differently ........subhanAllah.........astaghfirullah....alhamdulillah. All the greatness are belong to Him.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Blessings In Disguise

Dear Lord,
I am nee, one of Your creatures on Earth. Such a weakling thing that we call our self human. Oh Lord The Merciful One....i was swept away by this experience of live that i was not prepared. Yes i might be naive even ignorance mayhap for my state of mind now.
Oh Lord The Only Being in live, how can i stand still in front of You when having last night occurance i was like nothing. I was lost and beaten up without any way to return. I was cold, cornered and only the thought of Your love that ties me to this sanity. How dare i say i am devoted to You when "only a small" event can bring me to the bring of insanity and destruction of my understanding about my ownself.
Dear Rabb Ya Haqq Ya Rahman Ya Rahim as much as i say astaghfirullah it will not change how low my deen was last night or even in live.
Yes last night occurance was world shattering event that i hope i can be a wiser one to face it in case it happened again insyaallah......but i also find something...that my deen once again is not as strong as i hope for. That my prayers, tenets and all might never be enough to reach a higher maqom that i am hoping for. That die in khusnul chotima may only be a dream for me. Astaghfirullah astaghfirullah me Ya Allah The Owner of my sinful soul      

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Confession Time

Confession Time

There is a time in human's life that secrecy is the utmost part of your life due to safety of yourself or people surround you. And there will be a time to reveal all though no one is pointing a gun on our heads. But somehow for me lately the rules and regulations that i have applied since Methusellah have been smudged by my need in sharing my happiness and my needs to make people happy as i am. Unfortunately i did not realise that some times people have their own courts to decide which one is right or wrong and which one is decent and which one is outrageous. And my news is categorised as the latest part for some of them. It was like a puppy being kicked on its head after bringing a carcass of its hunting result for the 1st time to its master *sniffs* i know it is not a picturesque but at least it is not a grotesque for the puppy part *crossing the fingers for it* but in the end the reality checks be friended with someone is not to have their whole devotions, love and supports. But to befriended with someone in Islam are as mentioned here some of them, and do check are you guys more like those or not

  1. Remind each other of Allah (SWT) when you set eyes on each other.
  2. Leave each other's company with a higher level of imaan [faith in Allah (SWT)].
  3. Inevitably start the conversation with the Islamic greeting 'As-Salaamu Alaykum', and receive the masnoon reply for it.
  4. Do the masnoon mu'aanaqah (hug) and musafahah (handshake) on a regular basis.
  5. Almost always mention Allah (SWT), Noble Qur'an, Ahlul Bayt or Hadith in some context or the other, in your conversations.
  6. Strengthen each other's belief on the Hereafter. Give each other more duaa's (well wishes) than material gifts.
  7. Always end up exchanging useful and mature ideas and thoughts. Love each other above and beyond worldly benefits.
  8. Attend religious study-circles/ halaqah's together. Have prayed salaah together many times.
  9. Have watched each other cry, out of fear of Allah (SWT) or out of regret for committing a transgression.
  10. Listen attentively if the other is saying something that pleases Allah (SWT).
  11. Politely point out and reform each other's mistakes or bad habits in the best way possible.
  12. Return an Amanah (item placed in other's trust/safekeeping) belonging to the other in its original state.
  13. Smile together, but with decent, non-malicious humor. Enquire regularly about the health of the other's family.
  14. Become uninterested and change the subject if the other starts to say something that is impermissible.
  15. Always discourage the other if they plan to do something wrong.
  16. Always encourage the other if they intend to do a good deed that they're hesitant to do.
  17. Consult each other in important matters. Give each other advice seriously and sincerely.
  18. Never waste each other's time in useless activities. Never invite the other to a place or gathering of sin.
  19. Have full trust that they will never reveal secrets or personal problems to others, nor will they gossip about you behind your back.
  20. Address each other in a respectful and loving manner. Forgive each other's faults and shortcomings, and hide them from others.

Bing And Bong

This show gosh what a memory.....sickness does bring those memory lane to be walked upon ....

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Yen Ing Tawang Ono Lintang / When In The Sky There Is A Star

Yen ing tawang ono lintang, cah ayu/kang mas
Aku ngenteni tekamu
Marang mego ing angkoso
Ingsun takok-ke pawartamu

Janji-janji aku eling, cah ayu/kang mas
Sumedot rasaning ati
Lintang lintange iwi iwi nimas
Tresna ku sundul wiyati

Ndek semono janjimu disekseni
Mego kartiko keiring roso tresno asih

Yen ing tawang ono lintang, cah ayu/kang mas
Rungokno tangise ati
Binarung swaraning ratri nimas
Ngenteni mbulan ndadari


When in the sky we can see the star, my Love
I will always wait for Your presence
To the clouds above the sky
I ask Your whereabouts

All those promises we share i do remember, my Love
Pounding inside of my heart
All those stars are mocking me Darling
Since there is no boundaries for my love 

At those times Your promises were witnessed by
All the clouds shadowed by love and tenderness

When in the sky we can see the star, my Love
Do listen the cries of this heart
Listening carefully all the noises at night
Waiting the coming of the full moon


Blob Smack Situation

I am a chatter box kind of person. Somehow in my grey area of the tinny cells in my brain i have indoctrined myself that silent situation is an awkward situation. But alas, today that theory once again is not highly supported by the fact when my dear one is sick and i was -hopefully it is WAS and not continuing, amien- a lil bit carried away with this morning events. I was having a major blob smack moment. I was speechless due to his beauty and my gaga expression was not helping me at all lol. SubhanAllah somehow i can still feel overwhelmed with the beauty that Allah has created just for me. Well it might be good if my persistence in having cherry merry time was succeed. But when the blob smack moment that was arriving and staying, gooooosh its purely.....awkward phase of god. And somehow we felt it. Double awkwards hufft. Then i must retreat before i started to impersonify as the jugglar buffoon that has no similarities at all haha.

SubhanAllah i am not a squemish person who cant admit defeat. I admit my defeat in grace. I admit that in some situations silent does have it merrits and beauty, though in front of You, Love, to be silent will emphasize Your presence more than i can cope with *fanning the face*

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cara Mudah Membuat Paspor Online, Sumprit Mudah

Dari dulu setiap ada kesempatan untuk membuat paspor, saya selalu mengelak dengan alasan tidak membutuhkannya. Hal ini lebih karena ketakutan saya akan birokrasi yang seolah menjadi momok dan onak dalam duri bagi kehidupan bernegara saya lol.

Tapi sungguhpun demikian seperti kata pepatah, sepandai-pandainya tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh jua. Itulah yang terjadi saat ini. Saya terjatuh terjerembab dan terjungkal aaaarrrgh........Saya dipojokkan oleh suatu kenyataan, yang tidak bisa terelakkan lagi. Saya harus membuat paspor, capisce! Semua ketakutan dan momok birokrasi seolah menyeruak dengan gegap gempita seperti terompet anak kecil di tahun baru meskipun tanggal masih menunjukkan 29 Desember.

Dan subhanAllah masyAllah...Allah Maha Pengasih, saya dibantu banyak teman yang mana tidak pernah saya kenal atau temui sebelumnya, seperti Aisyah yang membuka mata saya bahwa semua proses surat menyurat empat kali empat sama dengan enam belas sempat tidak sempat boook, ya mesti dibalas.
Dari blog Aisyah saya mulai belajar bahwa banyak orang-orang baik di dunia maya yang mungkin jauh lebih helpful dibanding dengan ketakutan saya yang menggunung lol. Dan mulailah saya bergerilya dengan blog teman-teman tentang pembuatan paspor online

Dan dari kedua blog diatas saya bertekad bulat, kotak, lonjong dan persegi panjang ataupun jajaran genjang, AKU KUDU BICAAAAAAA! Chayoooo nee! Dan harus membantu mereka yang sama bingungnya seperti nee *running away to hold and cuddle nee*

Sooo, how to make the passport by using online;
1. First of all Folks....ash-shobbur alias yang sabar ya. Ini Indonesia jadi internet lola itu mah biasa atuh. Nee mulai coba dari sejak awal bulan Januari 2013, tapi setiap ke halaman cek tanggal kedatangan selalu gatot alias gagal total folks. Iseng-iseng berhadiah pas bulan Februari kemaren nee coba lagi waktu jam sore an. Kemaren-kemarennya mesti coba pas sore or jam pulang kantor malem. Atau pas weekend. Dengan harapan kalau malam line internet lebih yahud. Maaf anda salah, line internet imigrasi sepertinya ngikutin jam kerja. Jadi mending coba pas jam and hari kerja ya folks.

2. Prepare semua surat persyaratan seperti hasil-hasil scan
   *Ijasah yang mencantumkan nama orang tua bila tidak mempunyai akte
   *Akte lahir
   *Surat keterangan dari kantor anda bekerja (cukup browse di mbah Google untuk contoh surat). Bila bekerja sendiri monggo membuat di Kelurahan sesuai KTP dengan membuat surat pengantar RT dan RW terlebih dahulu.
   *Surat menikah bila sudah menikah
   * KSK dll yang bisa anda cek di website ini

3. Isi form di website tersebut dan upload setiap data yang anda punya. Untuk kolom jenis passport baru monggo pilih (48H perorangan).

4. Setelah selesai anda isi dan anda tentukan tanggal ke kantor imigrasi maka jangan lupa datang sebelum jam 8.00 pagi (mereka buka jam 8 pagi) supaya tidak antri. Suwer nee dateng jam 7.45 am dan antrian sudah berjibun meski yang untuk loket online "cukup" sepi dan saya mendapat nomor antrian 22. Semua proses saya jalani selama 5 jam. Kebayang kalau dateng dengan adat molorisasi.

5. Pergi ke kantor imigrasi sesuai perjanjian, dengan membawa:
* Data-data asli yang anda berikan pada waktu pendaftaran online (nomer 2)
* Fotokopi ukuran kertas A4 dari semua data diatas
* Membeli sehelai surat pernyataan di koperasi imigrasi dan mengisi beserta menandatangani diatas materai senilai Rp. 6.000,-
* Plus bukti surat permohonan paspor online yang harus anda print.

6. Untuk saat ini di kantor Imigrasi Surabaya loket internet ada pada loket 2. Langsung tumpuk data fotokopi anda dalam satu jepret dan tunggu panggilan. Selanjutnya ikuti petunjuk disana dan jangan sungkan buat membawa kue asal jangan lupa jaga kebersihan. Its a public vicinity where we must keep together folks. Dan paspor akan jadi setelah 6-7 hari kerja alhamdulillah. Dan ongkos yang kita keluarkan juga cukup murah Rp. 255.000,- Sooooo semoga sukses insyaAllah.