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Friday, 19 July 2013


Ya Rabb alhamdulillah thank You for all the blesses on these past years that You have given to us in all kind of shapes; whether it is happiness or sadness, whether it is opportunity or it is failure, whether it is finding or losing. They are blessings that we need to be grateful about alhamdulillah subhanAllah astaghfirullah. Alhamdulillah because actually everything is a bless. And subhanAllah because with His Greatness everything can be happened. And the last is astaghfirullah because with all those blesses sometime we get overwhelmed with the nuances of the event and forget that everything is only about perception and a test for You to be a better one. Well You might want to crank up, yell, whine or even be a stubborn lil strawberry with a stick on the as* by sticking to Your point of view or even Your idea, but this is our path - Rahmatan lil 'alamin the path of love. Love to Him and only Him. 

Why does nee focus with these thoughts again and again?It is due to Ramadhan, this lovely month always brings the best and the worst of You, since somehow in this month You cant pretend to be who You are not. A month where all the goodness will be blessed while the bad thing will be treated accordingly based on the rules.  

And seeing us as modern people, we often forget bout these things. Thus why i write it down as a reminder also for me.

De Daunan in Batu

My logging with front view

On last May as one of our short escapade from Surabaya - The Blocks of Monstrosity in East Java (*hihi actually i do not think so but Raminku might have this idea) we went to Batu and we stayed in this lovely place.....De Daunan Home and Garden in Batu, Malang

You bet Your last dime my lovelies....its like the name itself, de daunan-leaves, so in there we can see many leaves. Soooo green to be seen.

This place is wonderful to visit. Because it has all the qualities that You look for to let go Your stress and fatigues. The logging is cozy with a traditional architecture. With many choices of space and price to cater Your need. And the pool with mountainside view and garden can really space You out into different realm. Especially if You are going there with Your spouse hmmm, romantic we come. On most of the loggings - each of them is surrounded with garden - there is a lounge to sit and enjoy the botanical garden that we can eat and buy. SubhanAllah....for me it is simple gorgeous. And do not forget about the restaurant. The restaurant is offering a delicious menu that can be chosen from Indonesian menu into International one. In a short word, excellent for my taste buds especially the lemon tea and fried cassava....hmmmm yummy.

But like in all garden, there is always a serpent in it. In this vicinity the problem is the service sometimes a lil bit slow though it has been covered by their positive points that i have mentioned above.    

Without any ado lets see the views that i have here.
The logging - one king size bed, with a television and nice pantry

The terrace with a nice set of chairs to enjoy your lovely evening, just do not forget to bring mosquito's repellent

The Cauliflower Field in front of my logging

The restaurant's view at night

The restaurant's view