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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Tonight i experience a nice and touchy experience that i even do not know how to react. It is started with my  visitation time to the hospi to see one of my sisters in law. She is being admitted in the hospi due to a surgery plan on the day of tomorrow  Since 2 weeks ago we found out that she has a malign CA in one of her organ. SubhanAllah. Her children are still young. They are still about 11-10 years old. And this news shattered all of our hearts. CA always is, right? It brings again my two expi with CA. Yes my lovelies like i said in one of my upload that i am a survival of CA. But that is not the thing why i write this..I write this because somehow my brother and his wife educate their children about this event on the morrow in the most simple thing in the easiest way without trying to cover up their gentle ages but also not trying to put the whole gorries. And these exchange dialogues that makes me shock, amaze and a lil bit carried away. These dialogues below were happening in the time they start to go home after the visiting hours is finish:

Mom                         - "Pray for mommy okay. Pray Allah Ya Rabb to meet us again."
Kaka (1st kids)       - "Mommy i will surely miss You. Be well soon and if You are well later on,       do not forget to buy me a Samsung tablet, pwease."
Luqman (2nd kids) - "Love You mommy, be well pwease, we will see You again right?"
Hanif (3rd kids)      - "Mommy lets pray together that Rabb wont put You in RIP in the operation room ya. Promise us to open Your eyes when the operation is finish!"
Mom                     - "InsyaAllah Yes.....i will open my eyes after the operation and we can face the next treatments ."

Ya Allah.....Your Subjects are solely Yours but Ya Allah....can i ask Your strength for all of us in facing this situation? Do not let our din be weakened due to our love and emotion toward my sister in law. And with Your permission, give her a chance to see her children grow till later days....

And those prayers from my niece and nephews reminded me so much toward my own demanding and threatening prayers when i was a kid seeing my mom in her dying bed (rest her soul). Unfortunately or extremely i ended by making a bargain with me as the collateral to help my mom's soul. And i lost since He is  the Decker, the Player and also The Winner. That was my first and hopefully never again war toward Him because He did not fulfill my wishes though He said in all his Books to ask everything and anything to Him. Astaghf irullah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah..... hopefully none of You my lovelies nor the family of mine ever expi such a silly notion bout life, amien. Life is not our playground to be taken it for granted with Allah as our nanny to fulfill all our whims. Life is more about the place we are studying to be a better subject of Him. To make Him and all His Messengers proud with our constant effort in being good, as it has been agreed by our own soul before He put us in this world.