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Saturday, 2 March 2013

From My Man...........

Every girl has their own kind of man to be waited for, to be longed for or to be cherished upon. And since i am also in the kind of girl criteria or mayhap a woman, i do also have that dream man to be hold to. And my kind of guy is never so much can be said or mentioned except one and the utmost thing, he must be a man hahaha seriously lovie as much as the words are full of jokes for obvious reason, but those words BE A MAN do have a lot of meaning for me. It has many implications that mere men wont be able to hold their shoulders straight when they are facing the whole meanings of those simple words. And alhamdulillah Rabb always bless me in seeing those kind of men in my previous years before i choose and found this lovely soul that i never hoped or even dare to wish to have. Yes i did have my moments in breaking hearted *rolling the eyes who havent huh?* but somehow those guys are giving me another facets of life that i took as a lesson in life. Yes, it was world shattering when it happened but life goes on and for sure when it is not the one, then it wont be happening. Lets face it my lovelies, living on this world without those sparks of love, jealousy, intricts etc then it wont be a life.

And back to my present state, i wont say that my man and i will be living in happily ever after, thats a bulls**t that has been sewn into our brains by this materialistics world to drown the real essence of live. To make people feel nothing when "fake" happiness arent able to be reached by them. In the end they will drive themself into nothingness creature that has been moulded by the world in which they join in creating. So funny how a creator -i dont mean Him The Sole Creator, but the creators of this havocs that we call modern life, materialistics world, advance world etc- can succumb so low under the feet of their own creations.....subhanAllah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah.

Am i too much of a silly chit my lovelies? Well, that is not what my aim in here. In here i just want us to see the real reason in living on this janah. Since those mission, vision and value are the base of your way in dealing and guiding your life. You dont have to bring religion if that is not your cup of coffee, but use your braniac brain that you hold dear more than anything. Are you able to synchronise the whole mission, vision and value of your life with whatever you are doing right now? If not, please retrace back to your core self. Do something to communicate within yourself. Live is too precious to waste away for a failure act. Approach this living based on your liking my lovelies, for He is there in the shape of whatever it is you are seeing Him. I call Him Allah Ya Rabb. Some of you might call Him as money? Happiness? Family? Whatever it is, it is Him for you. And these kind of lines are the one that makes me fall in deep in love with my man. He can bring serious topics into my strawberry brain. He sees something in my strawberry shrubs with all those monkeys. And he is willing to take my hands together to face the uncertainty of live with all the bleakness and the raging wars inside our souls.

Bismillah Raminku.....lets Allah Subhana wa Ta'alla guide us into a better mankind, amien.


Do any one there dislike disco? The sweat glistening bods under the blink blink do not use an advance imagination my lovelies. Please bring your grey cells in your brain to imagine one of the famous scene of Saturday Night Fever by John Travolta or Xanadu by Olivia Newton John. Goooosh what music they created *insert amazing tone pwease* And as 1 of the women born in 70s nee is a biggie fans of those shaking the dearie music hihi. It does not mean i favour disco more than others naaaa. But somehow once in a while when my ears stumble with a lovely rhythm of disco, directly my mind creates a disco hall from the M-vie and seeing my lithe bod jumping up and down to the music. And moving my hands crazilly. Not that i will do it in the real life unless my brain really deserts me to the loconess.

And today i had a chance to download this song that has been played repeatedly in my brain. Its a song from David Gueta - Titanium. And well lovelies just like the vid of Harlem Shake. I was jumping up and down in my imagination. And the song has been played many times till now.  

And somehow the intro is reminding me about The Police - Every Breath She Takes