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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Book's Review - Remembrance

This book is one of many books from Jude Deveraux, one of my favourite authors. It has been published in 1994 and republished in1997. It is a story about a storywriter lady, Hayden who has this obsession toward 1 of her heroes, Jamie. From this simple plot, it gets complicated because in one of the scenes, Hayden tries to join a time-travel experience to fix her past. From there the story reveals so many layers of Hayden-from the reincarnation lifes in which she has experienced in her previous live. She was Lady Catherine and many more until the source of the carma as Callie and her lover Tallis.
One thing i always dread in reading a story is when the author tries to bring as much as characters into her/his story. For if she/he couldnt keep up with each character, then the story will be like a sour taste in mangoe. A small dose is good for the mouth while if it is too much, it gives rickety sounds when you grith your teeth. Not nice.
But this lady, OMG....she can crack the fireworks nicely with all those characters in the past, about Jamie and Hayden and come back again to their future live. I love this book with my heart and wish to find it again someday, since my hard cover book was wasted away in the flood....*sighing* this is a good book lovelies. If you get your hands on it, dont let it go.