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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Be Grateful for Whatever It Is

These couple of days i learnt a lot of things bout myself and living on this Janah. Whatever perception we have will always be shake up by Rabb as long as it is not right or The Big Guy just wants to see our strength and endurance. That living is never about how many people you can help or how many good things that you have done or have you reach the target in your life. It is more about Him and always bout Him, The Solely Being. I used to brag in my heart that i am a traveler on His path. Is it????? Nope, zilch, nada......i am still stink with all the sins thus why every thing comes on me, i will always retaliate by asking Him, "Why me? What did i do wrong?"

One of my friends told me that if we are a traveler on His path, in one point then we can feel His presence on every breath we take. That even taking an air in your lung is already an ibadah or a good deed. That everything comes to us wont be accepted wrongly except alhamdulillah astaghfirullah or astaghfirullah alhamdulillah.  

Ya Allah The Most Beloved One, how can i be so ujub and riya with this akal that You lent to me to control my life?

These occurance do teach me a lot....Rabb to be more grateful than what i am now. To be more humble in front of You. Ya My Prophet do forgive Your people in gracing Your name and love. I am not worth it into Your protection but i am too coward to face the wrath of Allah by myself. Do forgive me.