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Monday, 31 January 2011


Emotions are so unpredictable things. They can make human putty in their hands without allowing their humanity, wisdom's traits, and all the goody goody ones that usualy entail in human as the best creature of the universe.

In those glance moments, we are no different than any kindergarten student who doesnt know how to differentiate A to Z. But like any other super Heroes. We are also prone to our weakness. And the effects are so dire. Since in those swift moments, we are going to depend on our Id, Ego and Superego (*read theories of Psychoanalysis in Freudian theory).

And sometimes, from those very short events, people will decree our characters. As unfair as it is, but thats us. Human. We do judge each others harshly, Homo Homoni Lupus, people eats people. Well i am not a Freudian and definitely i am also not a sociologist, i am just seeing the spectrums in this world from my own corner. The lil tinny greenery corner of the world. But what i see so far, including my own self experience, emotions are the anomalies in our self. The x type in this universe.

And seeing people who control their emotions to be so plain, is a luxurious treat for me. Since i almost never see it.

Sometimes i even text my BFF and asking them to lemme know the locations of any ATM places for withdrawing patient. Because i think, patient is one of my lack in life. At least if i have more, it will be better he he he.

I mean i dont want to be un-able too control my own self huh? And let other people to say "Gooose Frabaaaaa" like the famous line in Anger Management.