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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bubuy Bulan

This day i feel so blue, lets pick up this song to emphasize the greelue feeling. Just do not get carried away too much my lovelies. It is only a life.

40 Days To Go

It is another 40 days to go before i can see in person the Keeper of My heart. Nervous? Do not is a mixture feelings; like a bowl of Es Oyen (a dessert from  Agar-agar, Coconut milk, Condensed Milk, Avocado, Coconut, Jack-fruit, and off course ice cube on shredded). All the feelings are piling up in a small cubicle inside of my heart and brain. Since in my brain the permanent tenants are my strawberries shrubs and my darlings monkeys, it is kinda slummy there now.

Es Oyen.....sweet and nice to be served in a hot day, esp if
sweet nee  is the  one who serves  it  lol.

If you ask me how can i cope, well for sure i have my moment to be a drama Queen and a spoilly brat. But i also have my moment in enjoying the breeze. Though there is 1 fact that always makes me strong within this event. The prayers from all the people who love me, who love Raminku, and who are willing to pray for our unity. 

I might be an altruist most of the time, but for this case i am trying to be a Machiavellian in getting the prayers from people. Since in Indonesia people are still hiding and faking behind the mask of decency, so i sent as much as messages in praying those people -esp the one who gave a negative vibe over my marriage- and in the end they will pray me back for the things that they even feel disgust in supporting actually *cackling evilly* what can i say my lovelies, i do have a meanie mean strike also. I am a human also right. Besides, if we see from religion's point of view better give good things toward people who dislike us. So i am not really bad, just plotting a Machiavellian act upon a good deed, indeed it is good *nodding smugly*

So these 40 days before the big day.....and another 3 days after that before we sit together to do our vows in front of the witnesses. Pray for me my lovelies, for my prayers will go to you also.