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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Living far away from my hubby makes our relationship considered as an LDR - Long Distance Relationship and it is quite a tricky way to communicate in the easiest, cheapest and unstoppable way. Hihihi it sounds like a jargon of a company right? Though honestly it does not feel that way. It is more like a hair pulling situation where we must depend on the unstable thing that is called internet connection. Why it is unstable? Because it is unstable *rolling the eyes for obvious reasons*

So in these 11 months of our relationship we used all the communication ways that are available there. In which SKYPE was our 1st choice after emails and texting were not enough for us. For sometimes it did cover our needs in seeing each other in the easiest and cheapest way. Although sometimes in their weakest moment i believe SKYPE was like an Uncle Scrooge that tries to squint his beady eyes toward our relationship and makes a havoc in it by giving problems in our connections or other disruptions.

After some times of being patient with SKYPE especially since they launched the new update in my Android-phone, we almost cant use the receive button in calling grrrr- i found these VoIP choices to be an alternative for You my lovelies in having a communication with people from other countries or distant places. At this moment i am about to try to use Google Hangouts. Lets see about its abilities in serving a free communication in VoIP way.  

Please check this site to know more about other VoIPs that are available as an alternative than SKYPE.

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