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Saturday, 5 February 2011


It is 1.36 am in my part of the bed where i sleep on with my zoo's entaurage. I just woke up due to a nightmare. Yeah....yeah a nightmare, mimpi buruk, ngimpi elek or whatever is the words in different languages.

My eyes are still sleepy, my breath is soooo fast, my body is not sychronise yet, my hearth is palpitating in its small cave and i even dunno what did i dream off. Though i am trying to dare myself to go to sleep again, i still couldnt do it. At least not yet.

I remember when i was a kid, my mamah will tell me nicely "Mbak* turn over your pillow, it will make whatever is your nightmare will not bother you again." In my simple understanding at that time, yes, offcourse the dark side in the dream will not be able to come since they were squished down under my head and pillows lol. So i could sleep nicely till morning comes. But now, when i am adult, that mind has no merit anymore. It lacks of meaning. As much as i squish and turn the pilllows, the dark will come engulfing me as soon as i close my eyes. Especialy if i dont start my sleep with a prayer.....a simple prayer to the Almighty to cleanse my soul for the day. Mind you, nee is not an angel, so i need to do some repents to purify my evilness.

Writer Notes:
* Mbak - is a Javanese way to call some female older than us or just the way to respect a woman. Though in the story its just purely endearment from a mother to her daughter.