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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Lir Ilir

A great song created by one of our Sunans from Java, Sunan Kalijaga. It is considered as a nursery songs that i just found out the deeper meaning about 10 years ago that it was created for a greater meaning than what i ever knew before. Now i share it again my lovelies with all of you since it seems my lullaby voice wont be accompany me for some times.

Lir Ilir....

Lir ilir....lir ilir
(Waking up)
Tandure wong sumilir
(All the plants are moving)
Tak ijo royo royo, ta senggo temanten anyar
(So bright and green, just like a new bride and groom)

Cah angon, cah angon penek ke blimbing kuwi
(Dear Shepherd boy, do climb and pick the fruit from that star fruit's tree)
Lunyu-lunyu yo penek ke, kanggo mbasuh dodot iro
(Though it is slippery, please keep on doing because i need it to wash my clothes)
Dodot iro dodot iro, kumitir bedhah ing pinggir 
(My clothes in which is tearing on the side)
Dondom-ono jlumat-ono kanggo sebo mengko sore
(Lets sew and stitch it to be used in the meeting thins afternoon)

Mumpung padhang rembulane
(Whilst the moon is still bright)
Mumpung jembar kalangane
(Whilst broad the space)
Surak o o o 
(Yell and shout...)
Surak hore 

Lir-ilir, lir-ilir this song is started with ilir-ilir that has a meaning as waking up from slumber or awakening in live (for the real meaning of sleeping is a short death) but it can also be translated as realising something. But what actually that Kanjeng Sunan wants us to be awakened from? The Ruh? The conscious? The thought? Whatever you are taking do not forget the mentioning of wind, so whatever is the thing that we need to awaken must be using motions.Lets think it over; only with movements we can produce air. What movement in our tenets can bring air in which brings live? Dzikir.....since by doing it we awaken something.

Tandure wis sumilir, Tak ijo royo-royo tak senggo temanten anyar. These lines are showing the continuity story that when a person is doing dzikir, they can bring live into the beautiful green trees. Trees in here is representing many advantages in our live; fruits, seed, fertile soil, cover and many more. Temanten anyar or a new couple can be inferred as the kings that were still relatifely new in converting into Islam but none so wiser in understanding it. Since at that time most of the powerful people converted into Islam but they didnt know anything how to apply the rules and understanding of Islam in their live. Just like a new couple in their first days of marriage.
Cah angon cah angon penekno blimbing kuwi. Cah angon is a shepherd. Why a shepherd? Not a General? Not a King? Or any other prestigious position? Because a shepherd's job is to guide his herds. Like an Ulama leads his congregations in the right path. For the next explanation, do wait till i am sober enough my lovelies or do check this ori link in Bahasa and just clik the translate menu.

On the next explanation my lovelies- based on this link above

Cah angon cah angon penek ke blimbing kuwi. Then why the star fruit? Remember once again, star fruit is green, in which it represents Islam. And it has 5 sides that is representing the pillars in Islam. SubhanAllah can Sunan Kalijaga had so cleverly woven all those simple words into something so deep and basic. is true then when you use your brain within His path then the sky is the limit.

Back to the explanation in asking the shepherd to hike the tree and take the fruit - it is representing that as the leader, the Kings of Java must bring their subjects to follow their paths in applying Islam in their live.

Lunyu lunyu penekno kanggo mbasuh dodotiro is showing although to reach the stage as a good Moslem is very much difficult -the slippery phase- please keep on doing it because we need it to clean our clothes -in which is another word for our deen and taqwa. 

Dodotiro dodotiro, kumitir bedah ing pinggir. Those clothes-deen and taqwa must be pure from any sinfull and horrible things to be our best part in this life. Remember the ole wisdom words - The best clothes is taqwa.

Dondomono jlumatono kanggo sebo mengko sore. Fix and clean our deen and taqwa because in the end all of us will surely die and meet Our Maker. So only with the right and pure clothes we can show our responsibility toward our Beloved Rabb. Lets fix and make it perfect my lovelies to be on the save side in Mashar time or Judgement Day.....choose your Maker as the only reason of your living.....

Mumpung padhang rembulane, mumpung jembar kalangane. In here the light of the moon and age are to represent the door of hidayah that still open widely while we are still alive.......

Yo surako surak hiyo. The horray in here is to ask all of us in cheering these great eyes opener moment while we still have time to apply those suggestions above...remember Al-Anfal :25