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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

From You

Lately i am learning many new things from this wonderful guy that i met in the site *infuse the blushing please but without the ost ya*
He is introducing many new understandings that in my strawberries brain are quite difficult to grab. Yes i know the words but the meaning are like in Mars language huwaaaa. So these are my homework;
- Meta in which it stands for metaphysic
- Being qua being
- Shiitiism
and the new one is Mut'ah a concept that previously i labelled as a prohibitated act without knowing all the reasons *palming a face for being worry as a source of bit'ah due to scrupulous petty mind* Lord The Merciful do forgive me astaghfirullah...
So its an elevation and revelation time for nee. And in my confusion time i can only hope there is someone out there willing to lent their brains for nee lol.