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Friday, 17 December 2010

Music vs Musac

Mood - Bouncing like a ball
Music - The playlist with Joanna Wang, Susan Wong and Sabrina
Place - On the green chair

Music and muzac are something that cant be separated in my life. I may not be the next Jean Michelle Jerre nor Kitaro the guru of music, but i am good in deciding a good music, at least for my own ears lol.
Playing music do release my stress and pressure in life though i havent touched my instrument since a decade ago hehehe.....but dont get wrong idea, i can play music, i can find the notations, and i even joined a marching band. They put me in charge to play Bellira, an instrument thats quite simple for talented musician, but oh noooot for nee. A simple march notations in a song can be changed into a requiem lol. So thats the end of my career as a musician, though music is in my blood, i will let those talented people to do it, before many people jump to the river just to avoid my horrible music lol.

Music vs Musac - Annoying Habit

Like i said, music is in my blood, so definitely muzac also. I do create muzac in my own surrounding by humming incoherently songs that i ever heard ages ago. These habits are quite "annoying" some people since my music are not from their era *grinning evilly*.
Though i am not planning on irking some one or many people, but the facts are still there, i am annoying them with my off tune hum lol.
What can i say guys....i do love to hum, bear with me will you and dont throw me out from our window when i rattle your nerves with my oldies hum rotflol.

Music vs Musac

In my job, i do know how to read people from their voice and intonation in speaking. Its pretty easy to do it since basicaly each person has their personality shown in their voice. Each voice will represent kind of music in their life. I dont mean that the voice is showing the person's preference in music, nooooo, its just like this. Each voice represent a music/tone to my ears. Some tones/musics are acceptable for my ears, in which the meaning is that i can face the person, and some are sooooo bothersome that from the voice, the music that i decipher is making me stress.
I can avoid many distressfull effect due to my learning of people's voices. Do it in your own life, it might help you from trouble in understanding people. But beware with a sacharine notes/voices, believe me, since they just pretend to be nice just to hide their venoms.