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Friday, 17 December 2010

Music vs Musac

Mood - Bouncing like a ball
Music - The playlist with Joanna Wang, Susan Wong and Sabrina
Place - On the green chair

Music and muzac are something that cant be separated in my life. I may not be the next Jean Michelle Jerre nor Kitaro the guru of music, but i am good in deciding a good music, at least for my own ears lol.
Playing music do release my stress and pressure in life though i havent touched my instrument since a decade ago hehehe.....but dont get wrong idea, i can play music, i can find the notations, and i even joined a marching band. They put me in charge to play Bellira, an instrument thats quite simple for talented musician, but oh noooot for nee. A simple march notations in a song can be changed into a requiem lol. So thats the end of my career as a musician, though music is in my blood, i will let those talented people to do it, before many people jump to the river just to avoid my horrible music lol.

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