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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Missing You Here

Hi, Bebe....
Tonight i feel so lonely without you
Not that on the other days you are ever here with me
But somehow today is different

Hi, Lovie....the keeper of my heart
Are you missing me too over there?
Or you just enjoying your freedom without me next to you?
Am i that bad Bebe to be with? For it seems we are getting distant

No amount of text or phone calls can appease this feelin inside
Though no sacrifation is ever worth enough to make me loose HIM for you

Hi, Sweetie pie......the one who owns my heart
Lets rejoice these abundant loves for it might not be there when the stake is HIS' blessings
I miss you but i miss HIM more
I love you but i love HIM more
I wish to cross the line to appease these craves, but i am afraid of HIS wraths more than my needs

Hi Baby Bear......
I will let you go if my path is not the one you are looking for to put through like the ones before you

Another Day In Para-Dice

Another Day In Para-Dice

Today is Thursday 24th of May, 2012. The month of rejoice since on this month we Surabayanese celebrate The Anniversary of our city. So we can find many great events to preceed the big day on 31st of May. Too bad due to the number on the calender it is almost impossible for me to participate those events *insert a whining voice here*. Well people in here at these moments are so consumptive that one of the attraction of visiting Surabaya on this month is Surabaya Shopping Festival or SSF. An event that has been waiting for by all the hoarders, shopaholic, consumptive people, goodies grabbers or random buyers since in this month we can spend as little money as we have to get as many as we want to have.

But alas, like i have told you before, the date is quite not supporting for my expenditures. For my salary wont come till the 1st of the month. And using cards are annoyingly out of the equation because i am pledging my oath to stay away to any temptations of the magick cards. Those magick cards that can entice us into the biggest s**tty queen of shopaholic *insert sarcasm here*. While you can be sure that those lovely goodies are not going to stay too long on their beautiful racks *insert another whining here*.

So, goodbye to midnight sales, arrivideci to up 50% discount, selamat tinggal* to buy 1 get 1 free, gooooood byeeee.

In my contemplation, I do realise that my condition is experienced by many people in this awesome city. But somehow this event is always succeed in the greatest color. How come?

Surprise surprise, from the information on KOMINFO JATIM* it is stated that in this II semester, Bank of Indonesia has stated that our economic has grown for about 7 up to 7.25% in which it is lower than the growth in the same semester in the previous year that was only 7.11%. And it is lower than the previous semester in the same year. But the answer of my question for the giant purchase power among my people is laid on the data in the same site that stating the increasement number of the economic growth in my lovely city is the consumptive power of our society. No wonder as much as I see needy or poor people surround me, the consumptive power is still the highest part in playing to our growth's economic. Pathetic right? For us to say we are not able to cover our needs but we keep on purchasing the things that we might not need them. This is the real situation in our city, feels like living in para-dice.

* KOMINFO - a site to get the valid information about East Java.
* SSF - an event to quench the needs for any shopaholics to get the best prices for the goodies.
* Selamat Tinggal - Bahasa Indonesia for goodbye.