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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Everything And Anything

Human is such a fickle creature. We need to hold the reigns in any situation. Somehow in those moments of obscenities we forget that we are not the Owner of this live. We are merely the pupets of His many strings in live. That each of us has our own script to be taken seriously till the curtains drop to end our scenes.

Those understandings lame as it is, but that is the basic and utmost understanding if you are a moslem. Be ikhlas....and be gratefull all of the times. And my lovelies, those are soooooo d#mn difficult. No pun intended or trying to be so brash, just stating a fact. It is going to be easier to trash around for any misfortune that comes upon us and emanating negative vibes afterward. But that is not the point my lovelies. We are learning to be tawadduk, be a good subject, be a sub-serviant creature in front of Rabb for He has promised the love if we can face His world and the wrath if we disobey His ways.

Are we being a submissive by following His path? NOPE...just being a responsible person. Responsible with the life that has been lent to you by Him. Does He need all those respects, bows and pretentious acts to show His Power over the living and the world just like a juxtapox character in 1 scene play? is for our own sake....for our soul needs that path toward Him to feel at ease.

So as much as these turn out events shake me to the core, pray for me my lovelies....that my soul will always protect me to walk on His and only His path, amien. I pray you are the same there my lovelies....i pray the same for you.