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Monday, 5 August 2013

Ramadhan in Jakarta

National Museum

The journey that we spent in Jakarta is including visiting the National Museum in Central Jakarta. Too bad we went there when their visiting hours are from 9-3 pm only.
The first pic is about the fight of goodness and badness that is represented by Barong (the goodness) and Ragda (the badness). Its used for a ceremonial in Hindu Bali.

The 2nd pic is the gamelan an instrument from Java with the wayang (puppet from leather). Usually they play any stories from Mahabarata Book.
The 3rd pic is Gamelan though i am not sure is it from Bali or Java. Because actually there is gamelan from Bali that usually creates Degung Bali. Very soothing music.

The 4th pic is The mask that is used for a fertility spiritual in Hindu Bali.

The 5th pic is the head statue of one of the goddes but i am not sure who is it. Since it doesnt introduces itself toward me lol.

Cafe Batavia

Located in Kota Tua - Old City in front of Fatahillah Museum and in the corner far away of Mandiri Bank, this cafe resounds the aura of old time sake that has been preserved into eternity by anyone who is willing to step their feet on it. The originality of this place can be felt since You put Yourself into it. 

In here the price might be quite exorbitant for me, a Surabayanese especially when i consider based on the name, cafe. But do not worry my Lovelies, the price is worth it on every morsel You put inside Your tongue. And the atmosphere that is so thick in reminding us about the ole time is definitely worth it the money that You will spent there.

Some additional plus that i love are the prompt services that they offer and the friendliness
The 6th pic is the corner of Batavia Cafe an old building ex-the house of a Dutch High officer in colonialism era in front of Fatahillah Museum in Jakarta.

The last pic is the interior inside it, kinda spooky if we stay alone there and being watched by hundreds of eyes from the ole pictures on the wall hiiiii creepy though the place is lovely and nice food.
Me and Hubby....