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Friday, 30 August 2013

Talking With Sasi

It has been ages since i met Sasi in real life but somehow we always connected in all the time in our lives. I met her in 99. The border year from my study age into a worker in a big company, since before that year i was only a private teacher. She shows me a lot of things in life that i never realize ever happened. Her stories and experience always amaze me. But pwease do not think that we are so buddy buddy in real life. If You read my writing in the beginning, we are more to be a bosom buddies when we are afar. When she is in Spain and i am in my tinny room in Surabaya, Indonesia. Funny huh? But that is us. If You ask me who do i trust my life with outside of my hubby and family, her name will pop up 1st from my mouth. That is to show You my lovelies that sometime love and friendship do not see distance and differences. 

Believe me we are so different in almost every lil thing in life but we only have 1 thing in common, it is love. Love toward our self in which will show how we love and treat each other and other people. Remember bout karma, what You do will definitely comes to Yourself. Just keep on hoping the one which will come is the good one hihihi. Love toward His creatures and creations. It is showing on how we respect everything on this earth. Love in helping without being too butt in on others.Now that is quite difficult right? I remember not too long ago we did have our 1st serious butting the heads. It was because she asked me to do something that i did not want to. And in the end all her worries that made her to be so persistent in asking me to do it, are right. But alhamdulillah subhanAllah my Sasi did not even smirk or gloat to say, "What did i tell You nee? I am right!" She was even crying and praying with me on that sad moment when i realized that a swollen in my tummy that i thought was a baby, actually are cysts and polip. MasyaAllah.....

We have been through all, right Si? InsyaAllah it will continue for the next life also, amien. 

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